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Friday, April 24, 2009

Unfashionable Friday

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Big Mama has Fashion Fridays and I know why......she isnt even big.

I went shopping today and everything out there is UNFASHIONABLE to my eyes......or at least on my body.

The sleazy polyester wild print stuff is too.....well, sleazy, polyester and wild for my taste.

The ruffled stuff is kinda cute but comes with tiny cap sleeves or NO sleeves. Not a good look for any one over a size 12.....and forty years of age.

I found a pretty pair of denim capris in peach, with jacket to match. But a denim jacket in Sauna Hot South Carolina? I don't work in a freezing cold doctor's office.....I'm healthy so I rarely even go in a doctor's office and doctors and dentists are the only people who can afford to have their air conditioners set below 80 degrees.

Also almost any color besides black or brown makes my rear end (My daughter does not allow me to use the b---t word) look even bigger than it is. That may seem impossible but do some people watching and you will see the women with the biggest bottoms (word I am allowed to use) have on pastel colored pants (or really short, shorts).

When my daughter was a teenager and college student, we did a lot of shopping together. We proudly would comment on the other females shopping and decide we should open a booth at every mall called TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

At this booth we would tell the shopping public things like....."if you are bigger than a size twelve....never be seen in public in those ........jogging pants, leggings, short shorts, a bathing suit etc...

This was just in case these people had not seen their rear ends in a 3-way mirror.....

I saw mine today and believe me "it ain't prettyville!"

Oh, well, back to the four letter word D--t......right after I finish off that pint of Cherry Garcia in the freezer.

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Kimberly said...

Sunday morning was not good for me...I was trying to find something to wear to church and realized my behind has gotten too big for most of my pants :( I finally got the dead battery in the scale replaced, so I'll be weighing in once a week. Gotta lose a few...buh :(

Maybe Walt and I could join you in the "Tell it like it is" booth? It's pretty much a sport to go out in public and let each other know what we think of what we see walking by :D