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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Come to the Church in the Wildwood

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Today was Palm Sunday so we went to the little Methodist Church just down the road.

It was the happiest little church I have ever been in I do believe.

The children were gathered at the door getting their palms and came joyfully down the aisle waving them. So cute.....Jesus loved it I am sure!

The pastor has recently adopted two little boys from Guatemala. They are siblings about 2 and 3 years old.

For the children's sermon he had all the kids come sit on the palm leaves....."two rumply" said one of his boys. The pastor talked to the kids about how Palm Sunday was like if the President came to their school. People would wave and cheer....what else would they do he asked? Use their manners! said one. "No hitting or kicking" said another.
"Say please and thank you".

One little girl said "I have new shoes; how do you like them?"

"I like them", said Pastor Scott.

We had a Responsive Reading from Psalm 118.

We prayed the Lord's Prayer together.

Their choir of 8 did an Easter cantata of some of my favorite hymns.

Jesus, is the Cornerstone.
The Old Rugged Cross
I Love to Tell the Story

They invited us to stay for their Fellowship Meal after church and we did. I sat next to a lady who lost her husband last weekend, but was back in church today.

I talked with a woman who had custody of her cute little grandson Alex while her high school aged son helped fix the tables.

Just sinners saved by was good to be in the house of the Lord with the family of God.


Anonymous said...

Such a joyful church experience! Isn't it fun having new experiences?

I had the best time of worship Saturday night preparing for the Sunday School lesson. George wanted me to read over the material for his SS lesson, too. Jesus drew me so close to Him as I studied!

The children were disappointed that you are still out of town! Our lesson was much like the children's sermon at the church you went to. We talked about famous people and how people treat them. I rolled out a "red carpet" and they took turns being celebrities and the paparazzi. Then we dug into Mark 11:1-11. They soaked it up and asked some really good questions.

The kids are all looking forward to seeing you when you get back!


Gabby said...

Amen to both, girls!

I am finding that our devotion and Bible reading at night (they actually fight over who gets to read the passage each night- Who knew?) has become the highlight of my days. We are all sharing things about our days and it is a great time of cuddling and sharing. Children really do delight me with their innocent and fresh take on things. Sometimes I just pray for childlike faith again, that all the things I've been jaded by fall away and I just love Him like they do without all the deeper questions and reluctance to trust.
You are doing a great service when you roll out that carpet to his children's feet!