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Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Good Reads and Tar Heelia

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I've read three of my "hostesses" books which were mighty good.

One was The Color of Water by James Hunter. This wonderful biography is of his mother his white Jewish Mother who raised 12 children (she was married to two different black men...not at the same time after the first one's death.) while living in the projects in New York city. All twelve graduated from college, and earned advanced degrees. She believed in education for her children and worked third shift at a bank to support them after both husbands had died.
She became a Christian and helped her first husband found a storefront church in NYC that still exists today.

Blessings by Anna Quindlen is about a young man who gets hired by a wealthy old lady as the gardener at her home called The Blessing. He finds a baby that a young unmarried left on the doorstep and he keeps the baby hidden in his caretaker apartment and rears it as his own.

Something Blue is by Jean Christopher Spaugh who grew up around Pickens South Carolina. It is a tale of a young marriage with a young child and the forces that come against their dreams of happily ever after.

We took off today and visited Carrboro which is joined at the hip with Chapel Hill, NC. The air in both places was exuberant with hopes that UNC will whip up on Villanova tonight and be in the final two tomorrow. ALMOST made me want to be a college coed again; what fun!

There was a big ol' hearse called the HEELRAISER driving around with the UNC fight song blaring out its speakers...

Then onto a great seafood restaurant where I indulged up to my elbows in crab legs seasoned with Old Bay.....Yummo.....for a girl raised cracking blue crabs on the back porch of my parents Maryland beach was about as good as it gets eating wise.

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Anonymous said...

What luxury to be able to read so many good books! I will definitely look into "The Color of Water".

I'm so glad you are having a good time on your vacation. I love keeping up with all of your adventures while you are gone.