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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cooking with Permissive Nana

Hit Counter Here are the pictures of my youngest grandchild, Gates, making Easter cookies with Nana. Somehow he has survived to the ripe old age of 3 without making cookies with me.
Note, he is pretty well dusted with flour. Also he liberally used all of the sprinkles I have been accumulating for years now. But that is why I am called "Permissive Nana".
I never or hardly ever say No.
Want to dance naked in the rain? Why not?
Want to paint yourself with finger paints....sounds like fun to me.
Last night during bath time Gates wanted to tease me by drinking the water from the tub.
Even I, am not that permissive; I know what people do when they get in a tub of warm water.
So, I made my biggest ugliest face and said "Don't drink is tee tee water!"
You would have thought I was Jay Leno and Johnny Carson....."Tee Tee Wadie",
Gates chortles!
So as a stand up wannabe I do what any good comic does....say it again..."Tee Tee Wadie!" more rolls of laughter.
Later my husband says something Gates interprets as "Poopie"....more belly laughs from the kid. It just goes to love bathroom humor from an early age. It is genetic, folks!
Well, I have to go to work at the library Gates just left for "school" aka...daycare.
I take down the basketball hoop from the den door, put away the finger paints, golf putter, golf balls, football, and wonder....why do they call me permissive Nana?


Anonymous said...

Hmm...Methinks all Nanas are permissive. Peter has a permissive Nana, too! Gates is adorable.

Gabby said...

We collectively love Gates. He is the bomb. And the potty humor only gets worse on our family... much worse.. and not as cute. Trust me on this... I just had two 9 year old boys riding around with me for a while.
Boys, gotta love them!
Yes, you are permissive. Just makes the parents seem even more mean when you leave. Ahem.