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Friday, April 10, 2009

Things My Father Taught Me

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Yesterday when I was pushing back the cuticles on my toenails; I thought about my Dad.


Because he taught me to push back my cuticles on my fingernails and toenails whenever I washed my hands or feet.

And I am Amazed.


Daddy was a Family Doctor who was seldom if ever home when I was awake. Yet he taught me so many things.


Hang up your clothes when you take them off. Do not pile them on a chair.
Wash your armpits and privates everyday. (Enuf' said)

He even shaved his underarms and tried unsuccessfully to get my brothers to shave theirs.

Wipe off excess water from the shower door and around the sink every time you use it.

(Which explains why I am constantly mopping up public bathroom sinks....thank goodness there are no showers in those lavatories>)

Pick up litter when you see it. (I catch myself picking up trash on our road, in parking lots etc...because this was the training he provided.)

Do not waste food. (He brought home food out of the hospital kitchen for our dog, his janitor's dog and I wouldn't be surprised it he ate some himself.) (PS he lived through the depression and had his furniture in his home repossessed....I have some of his patient's checks closed)

Recently in the latest Guideposts Issue (April) Jane Seymour shares about how her parents (and her Dad was a doctor too) would invite hungry people for dinner during the depression and they had a code word....FHB.....Family Hold Back! My uncle (Dad's brother Ted) told me they used FHB at their house growing up. My Grandfather would invite all these people to dinner....he even let a doctor have his office in their dining room and parlor for there were many times FHB came in handy.

Daddy was a one of a kind gentleman. Interested in the little things and the little people. He was the doctor at the Masonic and Eastern Star home when he was 81 years old (in addition to his regular practice)....I imagine those old folks appreciated having someone with some age on his come by and talk to them.

Oh, he picked up things off the road. A basketball or baseball in a gutter. A bunch of beets that had fallen off a truck. (Hmmm....that is why I always have my eye on the side of the road....who knows what you might find.....

He always told me he found me "in the rag bag".....and I am so glad he did.


Gabby said...

That makes me wish that I had known Popop longer. So I could remember more about him.

And I definitely think I know a little of where I got my OCD tendencies.. Ahem.

Except for the food thing and beside the road stuff. You know I am not doing that stuff, too many germs.

And I totally skipped the cuticle push back traits.

But I am pretty good at cleaning my plate. And that is straight from MY Daddy!

Donnamo said...

Well......I resented all this instruction when I was growing up SOOOOOO.....I did not repeat the push back your cuticles, wash your tootie, instructions.

But its funny how ingrained it all is in me. I'm sure my Daddy and your Daddy are pleased with how we turned out.