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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Things Cheap

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Okay, yesterday made one week since we arrived at the house sit. We "celebrated" by going to a quilt shop in Raleigh....Curtis was SO excited. Donna spent way too much money!

Then we went to the grand opening of Ollies in Cary, NC. They had been advertising on tv and in the paper so we figured "what the hay". A big attraction was their motto: Good Things Cheap. In fact that is my mantra: I love good things cheap.

What we didn't know was yesterday was the GRAND OPENING....donuts, coffee, popcorn...and a Dixie Land Band in addition to huge crowds. There must have been a hundred (okay maybe 12) men in "suits" obviously from the corporate office which is rumored to be "up North" in the words of one customer.

I abandoned my shopping cart on the first "aisle" which is really a misnomer....aisles were more like paths with shoppers trying to navigate...kinda like rush hour traffic.

Curtis did manage to "bag me" a new cushion for my outdoor chaise lounge. Some obviously wild animal has been clawing my old one to pieces so a replacement piece was needed. That's all we got Ollie.....but I did meet and greet some nice people in those crowded paths you call aisles.

Then I went to TJMaxx.....(Do I have the best husband or what? He brings a book and contentedly reads while I shop. He even said "back so soon" when I got out of the quilt shop. Whatta man!)

I love me some TJ and I rarely go now that I have one in Florence. When I had to travel to Charleston or Columbia, oh, I made special trips. Now that is available....not so much; like hardly ever.

I tried to remember what Big Mama said was "IN" on her Fashion Friday Blog. Something about pink being a hot color this spring, something about scarves, and ruffled knit shirts. I did manage to buy one cheap scarf, some new terry slippers (we won't talk about how old my old ones are) a NEW BATHING SUIT....I have been wearing the one my friend Bobbie gave me for at least five years (and I still like it...but when you go to the pool everyday you need a change of swimwear).

Looking in that full length mirror in the dressing that is a sore sight for my eyes....yuck....I will be going to the gym in a minute...."Tone and Tighten"..... here I come!

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Sallie said...

What?! No name of the quilt shop?! No description of fabric and/or pictures? Come on, girl. You can do better!

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