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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Housesitting 201

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Thank you one and all for the prayers. And for any nonbelievers out there, listen up!

Trip to police station....a they say in political circles (which you no doubt were unaware that I am circling in>)

Police politely fax copy of accident report to our insurance agent and give us a copy AND the teenager had insurance with State Farm (who has an office in Hartsville so we can take care of it when we get home) You Rock God!

Thank you, Kimberly for the reminder that it is GOD's true and so easily forgotten!

Mary, while waiting for the police to do his thing after the accident; I did think about you and George on you way to your vacation last winter when accident was a comfort!

Now on to other trivia....

While C. was politicing with the police I guessed it fans....antiquing. (I can't imagine why he didn't want me at the police station.....might be due to fact that I had reminded him of my first accident when I was in college and went to the police station and "nerves" made me act completely silly.....those who know me well can well imagine how silly I was and wonder I wasn't charged with exceeding the silliness limit.

When the insurance agent came to our house (you know that was back in the day) regarding said accident....being the friendly, extrovert, fool, I WAS I offered him a beer and I think (wince) I offered him one. Not sure that was appropriate.....needless to say my parents were not home.

I don't think C. will take me to see any insurance agents either. (Just a reminder folks, no alcohol was involved in the recent or past accident.....thank you God!)

I so want to show yu the treasures I bought at antique shop....but you know the photo thingy ain't workin'......later folks, later.

One last tidbit....I went to a spinning class at the gym last night! I had heard of them (I may live in bum-fiddle Egypt, but I KNOW about things :) I knew it involved bicycles not wool, so there!

There were ten experienced buff male cyclists and moi. It was 60 (count them) minutes long. I managed not to fall of bicycle; not to need CPR which teacher assured me was available if needed, and to keep up kinda sorta. I am PROUD to be walkin' this AM let me tell you! especially since I went to a S-T-R-e-c-h class Monday....

Oh, my body thinks I've gone to a health ranch....stay tuned for more exciting nonevents :)

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Kimberly said...

Praise God! "Bum-fiddle Egypt" = Hahahahahaaaa!