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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gone but Not Forgotten

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I am leaving Hartsvegas (what the teens call Hartsville....I have no idea why....they obviously have NEVER been to Vegas) this am for five fun filled days in THE HOLY CITY (that would be Charleston (not Rome) you people) with my Coker peeps.

Two of them, Pugh and Crews (these are their maiden last names) came here yesterday from Hampton, Virginia (be sure you say that with a Southern accent). My husband cooked ALL DAY in preparation. (He wants to be sure they tell the rest of the "girls" (who are now 65+) what a wonderful catch he was since he dated 55% of our class.) I mean he was out at their car in 99 seconds to pick up their baggage and bring it up to their rooms. The Hilton doesn't have that good of service; and their bell hops want tips.

I did find out Crews is one of my faithful blog readers. She has read every one! Thank you Linda. She is a retired first grade teacher. First grade teachers are made of gold! You have that on good authority! Mary Elese has read the blog once. There you go. She was a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent....what do they know. I can talk trash about her. She will never know :) She needs hearing aids. So does her husband.....actually Jim has them and doesn't wear them. Linda's husband also has THEM AND DOESN'T WEAR THEM. Curtis has them and wears them.....that makes him MR. Wonderful. (the fact that he can't hear with a bit of a downer in my estimation)

By the way, Ashli Wayne and Todd, your father was on the front of the Florence Morning News last week advertising AAA Hearing Aids......Since Granny didn't notice and we know how she reads ever single piece of type in the paper we can hope no one else noticed. I really think it is not a good thing for them to use him as a role model since WE KNOW he still can't HEAR...but who am I to tell them???? Since he isn't getting paid one thin dime for being their spokesperson??

Anyway Loyal followers.....I will be back on the 3oth with more fun and foolishness....and I will tell all that went on at the Class of 65 Get together in Charleston so Tune in Then.

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Gabby said...

I am hoping you have an awesome time with the gals. You always do! What fun! I hope that you know you are not forgotten!
I am so glad you have a secret reader! I have a friend who reads but can not figure out how to do a comment, so she always emails me stuff. I love it!
Have fun and I can't wait to hear how it went!
Your hubby in a hearing aid ad, man. It is like me being in an ad for Hawiaan Tropic SPF 2. Not happening. Sales would plummet.