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Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, Say Can You See

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My sweet, funny husband came in the den singing HIS version of America. America this morning. I say His Version because he does not know all the words to ANY song....Not even HAPPY BIRTHDAY. But that just makes it funnier.

We watched America's Memorial Day in Washington (or whatever is is called). We always watch these programs on the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. They are great. They make me homesick for my hometown, Washington. Which any true native knows is NOT called (D.C.) PLEASE!

When they play the medley of the service anthems I sing everyone. I doubt a single school child in America today knows a single one....unless his parent is in the Armed Forces. I learned them in.......Elementary School......and we didn't have a .....Music Teacher.....our regular teacher taught them and she didn't's......or a ....piano......go figure.

In yesterday's paper, child psychologist John Rosemond wrote about the myth of smaller classes and more money. He says that in the 1950's and 1960's teachers had as many as 50 kids in their classes (one poor first grade teacher had 95) and their achievement scores were consistently higher than any we see today. Why we ask? The children came to school prepared to learn. No, they didn't know their ABC's. No, their parent's didn't do their homework with or for them. The parents just showed interest in what they learned at school that day.

I went and looked at my 6th grade picture. 35 kids and I went all through elementary school with the same 35 kids. We had no cafeteria. The library was one wall in a classroom. We did not have an art, music or PE teacher.Or a resource officer or a guidance counselor. or a school bus.And I would bet every one of us graduated from college and most of us have at least one master's degree. My parents certainly never did a project for me. At most Mother called out my spelling words. Daddy tried to help me with multiplication one time until we were both in tears.

Oh, well.....back to Memorial Day....I will remember....our friend Jon Cook who became a quadriplegic in 1966 in Vietnam. Curtis Great-Grandfather John Evans who was injured in the Civil war and all those in Harms Way today so that you and I can have a picnic and worship our God (or not). Thank you!

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