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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Miracles on Bush River Road

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My son, Todd, and his family are moving next Friday from Columbia, SC to Moncks Corner, SC.
For the past 8 or so years he has been running a restaurant/ store at the Central Corrections Institute (aka Prison). The Blind have a contract with the state to run the "concessions" in State and Federal buildings. (This means the vending machines on State and Federal Highways as well..... this cracks me up.....I mean duh....blind people can't are they going to fill up those vending machines.....makes no sense....but then we ARE talking about a GOVERNMENT program)

Anyway back to Todd. His job was going fine until his cook left grease on the stove and set fire to the kitchen. Turns out the system to extinguish the flames had never been hooked up when the kitchen was built back in 1958. And they didn't want to do it NO MORE COOKING. SO HE HAD A RESTAURANT HE COULDN'T COOK IN. Kinda hard to make money just selling chips and drinks. He and Rose prayed about it and decided to move back to her parents home in Moncks Corner that was available and free.

Problem was. Selling their condo in Cola with the current housing market.

Solution: Prayer.

God brought them renter this week who wants to rent the condo for the mortgage price including the regime fee and is willing to paint the place and refurbish it in his free time (he is single and a handyman with handy friends). To top it off....He works for Terminex......They have had a continual battle with the critters.....I mean does God rock or what! Praise Him People!

It is will still own a condo....and it will still be paid for by someone else...awesome!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are working out for Todd and family. It was good to see them at church today.