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Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Safe

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Home Safe is another great read. It is by Elizabeth Berg. I don't know why it has the picture of a huge ostrich egg on the front with a blue jay standing on top ready to peck into the egg. Not funny. Don't those publishing people know that blue jays eat other bird's eggs?

Back to the book, it is about a woman living in Chicago whose husband has a stroke at the breakfast table one morning and dies. Age 49. The wife, Helen, was a writer but due to the shock of her husband's death she gets writers block and can't write. She also discovers her husband's retirement account had been depleted by $850,000. Read the book to find out the wonderful surprise awaiting her.

Yesterday, Mother's Day was a great day for me. My husband went to church with his mother; his idea, that pleased her very much :)

I taught Sunday School at our church and let the kids paint by blowing paint with a straw. (My teacher's guide suggested it....something related to the Holy Spirit blowing wherever it will. Not sure they got the spiritual connection but they sure did like the activity....and no one got paint on their Sunday Clothes...even though I didn't bring smocks as suggested. (Who has 10 smocks laying around the house?)

When I got home, hubs had vacuumed the whole downstairs....a chore I was planning to do after church. That man knows my love language....."ACTS OF SERVICE"

At five Granny came over, son Wayne, wife Niki, granddaughter Hannah and grandson Gates.
Hubs cooked his world famous Clemson BBQ chicken, yummo.

I love being with my family....any of it.....all of it..... so it was The Perfect Mother's Day especially because I had phone calls from my two other children. Affirmation....that's what it was :)


Gabby said...

I am so glad you had a great day, and jealous you had my chicken favorite!

I am praying next year I will spend Mother's Day with you instead of just thinking of you.

I appreciate the sweet words, and I loved all the trips with your friend looking for antigoo's, yesterday was like a sprint to the finish, but I am so glad you got to relax and read. Your two fav's/
When, and if, I get to read at the beach, I will need some suggestions, and Hubby wants that book by the author he and Wayne like I always forget the name. Connor read book two of the spyderwick chronicles in one day. A record. He loves those books, but we have to buy them because the library doesn't ever have them in.
Love you much, Mom. And you know that you are a great one! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Gabby said...

BTW the counter thing counts every time YOU as the author click on your site to add a post, edit, etc., and it counts each time a person clicks to see an update. Mine if off the chart at 1,000, too. It is just minimized and in a place readers can't see it. Anyway, Not that you don't have that many readers, but it makes more sense as to why the numbers are so high, a profile view counter will tell you more about how many people have checked the site, still mine is 200something and I doubt that many have checked. Just a FYI.