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Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Dear Sweetest Pea

Hit Counter Guess what????? Your Dad got my scanner fixed! You are so Busted!
Do you remember making me this collage of pictures of us? I had it in a frame on my vanity for years until the glass broke and I put it in one of my 25 photo albums (arranged by year chronologically if there is any doubt out there about how a librarian would keep her pictures).
Fortunately, it doesn't come through very clear so our outrageous hairdo's and outfits don't show up as much as they could.
It just goes to show you were always a sweet and crafty daughter who knew how to make a gift a mother would treasure....ALWAYS!
I love you, baby girl!

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1 comment:

Gabby said...

Thank heavens those are not any clearer. Even from a far I see the hair was not a good look if you were going for "understated" in your hair style preference. I can not believe I was blond at one time.
I remember making that picture, and the poem.
I love you too Donnamo, man have the years flown by. I can not believe I have children the ages I was in the picture. Now I am the Mom. They are the ones giving ME cards and pictures they drew. Sniff sniff...