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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Three B's and a D

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Three B's and a D!

No...these were not my grades in high school or college. (I wish!)
This is MY Bible Study! Ha! This is our Bible Study Group. We have been together five and a half years now....boy time flies when you are having fun!
Left to right....Burney, Betty, Donnamo, Brenda....
We did have a Bobbie....but she dropped us. We liked being 4 B's and a D.
We have studies a lot of different topics over the years; right now we are doing Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. We'd all read it before, but not done the study with Rick's video.
Brenda has been teaching it in small groups for two years now and has seen great results.
People who did not know the Lord, or were estranged coming back to HIM! One whole family, grandma, daughter, husband, has that is awesome! And it has happened in the worst circumstances. Small crowded house, two crying toddlers, wandering around during the study. But these "hungry" people just tune in to God. I remember an old saying that "evangelism is just one hungry sinner telling another hungry sinner where to find bread" AMEN.
These girls are "the bomb" (just to show how hip I am). We laugh more than the law allows at a Bible Study. We are all within 3 years of each other in we have many of the same problems. (incontinence, weight gain, husbands around the house, etc...)
Three of us have children and one has "adopted" a whole dysfunctional family who keeps her on the go morning, noon and night. Just this week she kept a 3 1/2 year old whose mother tried to commit suicide (50 Xanax) and is hospitalized with no one to keep this child. Who could only speak a word or so and couldn't pick a cat out of a children's book she read to him.
We do pray (after all the laughter).
Oh, I forgot to mention our silent dog Scout who is beside Burney's right shoulder.
This is her perch, unless she gets cold and has to go under an afghan which all the girls thinks it is funny to watch.
Scout comes out when we stand for prayer and hold hands....she stands in the middle of our circle and bows her head.
I also need to mention our caretaker....husband Curtis. He blows our walk, and five mile driveway, and steps and porch before each meeting. He also will vacuum the den and hall. He usually leaves the premises during the meeting but may stop by to say "hey" to "the ladies of the cloth".... I keep telling him these are NOT my quilting buddies....but he likes his little joke.
If anyone out there in blogland lives in Hartsville and wants to join our Merry Band....give me a call. There is always room for one more. Thursdays, 9:30am-11:15am. Except the first Thursday in ever month when I do meet with the real ladies of the quilt guild.
Thank you Lord, for each of these ladies. Hear our prayers O Lord, Help us remember it is NOT about is about YOU and doing your will while loving you with ALL our hearts.


Gabby said...

I wish there was an "A" in the B and D group.
Or maybe I should say a "G".


You guys remind me of my prayer group!

Anonymous said...

I might just visit with y'all, if you've got room for a young woman in desperate need of mentoring!

Donnamo said...

We would love to have you this week if you can stand a bunch of silliness.

We are the second week of the study which means read chapters 8-14.

Then we will be taking a break until July something. Everyone was too busy in June. Then we get back on schedule. Hey you wou.ld make it 3 B's a C and a D. PERFECT!

Kimberly said...

What a great group! I imagine the Purpose Driven Life study is GREAT. That book changed my walk. I need to get back into it and read it again.

God bless you ladies!