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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My American Idols

Hit Counter Contestant number one is the lovely Hannah Chapman holding the microphone for her staring role at her church's Spring Musical. She was perfect for her role of Camp Director (even though she has never been to camp) This child can corral a room full of kids and make them sit still for her Geometry lesson. Did I mention she is Mathematically Advanced as well as musically talented?
The second contestant to her right wearing the number 23 football jersey is the multi-talented Gates Chapman (age 3 and "starring" in his second musical). This church believes in getting their kids on stage as early as possible.
Hannah also starred in the Christmas production. She remembers words to every song she's every heard (she gets that one talent from me.....the math ability comes from her great grandmother president of Winthrop University Math Club in 1934,35,36,and 37.)
Last summer I had Tuesday's with Hannah. She spent the day with me. We often (like all afternoon )played Rummikub (so she could show her superior math ability and beat my socks off). While we played we listened to oldies from the 50's and 60's. She now knows the words to "Lipstick Traces", Louie, Louie, Mickey and Sylvia's How you call your lover boy....and other great musical compositions.
Fortunately, her grandfather, Jim Hardee, has broadened her musical education with Country Music. The man might be a minister but he loves him some old country music. When Hannah returned from a day trip with him last Sunday she said: "If I never hear another Dolly Parton Song it will be too soon!"
So we are expecting Hannah to be on American Idol any day now. Gates really prefers directing the choir but if a microphone is available (or a hairbrush or any other similarly shaped object) he is all over performing. I may be the first Grandmother to have two Grandchildren competing on American Idol....hopefully that will include free tickets to all performances.
You may have surmised correctly that I am an American Idol Fan. This year has been "the bomb,dog" but I didn't like the week they sang rock songs. My children will tell you NO ROCK MUSIC was allowed in our house. You know, Satanic lyrics, subliminal messages....not at this house. They LOVE to tell about me driving our 6,000 pound station wagon back and forth over their MICHAEL JACKSON record when I found it. I ask you folks, was I right or what??? Subversive.....perverse..... you start listening to that and next thing you know you'll we wearing one glove and having plastic's a slippery slope!
It just is the perfect beat for pumping iron and doing push ups, etc.... I call out to the instructor during each song....."Who is screaming this song?"
AC/DC, Fergie, White Heart, KISS, oh my goodness..... I am on a Slippery Slope!
By the way for all you Idol fans......Adam Lambert Rocks! (I just wish he'd keep his tongue in his mouth and quit emulating Gene Simmons (is that the right one all you rockers out there?)


Gabby said...

Who kidnapped my Mom and made her watch American Idol. I can not believe you like Adam. Chris is my fav.Rock music has it's place. Did she write that? Mrs. Queen of Anti-Thriller campaign.
If you belt out "All the Single Ladies" at the next family event I may have to check your medications.
I still may have to check you medications.

Oh, and after Disney, you may have three grandkids on Idol. Mine is performing in both services next Sunday as part of the 5 girl Praise Team. I have no idea where she got those "Mad Skillz" but to perform in front of around 1,000 people at age 8. I think I spy a star.
Let's not forget her ballet debut at 3.

My son will be working it out on the football/soccer field, so you will certainly score World Cup or NFL tickets along with you Idol seats. You better keep up your boot camp. You want to look hip and slim on TV when Barbara WaWa interviews you!

PS- Please tell me I do not know your boot camp instructor. Please.

Gabby said...

PS Go Hannah, go Gates. I love that clip my bro sent me of him performing on the mic. It is so cute. That boy is too much! Hannah, too!
(Oh, and I am sure she couldn't have gotten it from her Dad who has been performing since before I can remember!

Donnamo said...

Oh, I will have to put All the Single Ladies on my NEW IPOD so I know the words!

Elizabeth Bell is my Boot Camp instructor.....LOL.

I am so looking forward to forming a family group to be on Americas got Talent. Me, Hannah, Gates, Connor, and Caitlin....we might let Wayne and Todd join us if they are lucky. Are you SURE you and Marty don't want a spot in the group??? Oh thats right you will be under your sofa!

Anonymous said...

Gabby never told me about you destroying Michael Jackson with a station wagon. Hilarious! After learning from Phil Donahue about subliminal messages, my mom made my brother chop up all his KISS albums with an axe!

I watched American Idol the year Carrie Underwood won but haven't seen it since. I really don't watch a lot of night time TV during the school year. In the summer, we all like to watch "America's Got Talent".