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Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Mothers Want for Mothers' Day

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I am making a big assumption here folks.....that I know what every Mother wants for Mother's Day.....validation!

We want to know you think we are a good mother. Even if we never made you a homemade birthday cake......or gave you a car....or sent you to college......etc......

Just do what my daughter did and find SOMETHING positive to say.

Oh, and tell her you are glad SHE is your mother (even if you aren't.....this is called a white chocolate lie.)

Focus on what she did right....even if she did a million and one things wrong....and continues doing them. She probably did TRY. She may not have known HOW to show you, or TELL you.
But I guarantee she did love you; no matter how messed up it looked.

My own mother, Pearl, just could not tell me she loved me. Before she died she even told me she couldn't say the words. But you know what......I KNOW she did by the things she did.

I have never met or talked to my natural mother (Yep, I am adopted as everyone on the planet probably knows) . But I KNOW she loved me. She gave me to a couple who could love me and provide me. When I see unwed teenage Mothers keeping their babies, I so want to tell the hard the loving thing.....give that baby to a loving couple who can give the child a stable home! To me, it is selfish to keep the child.

So there is my rant on Mother's Day. How about leave a comment even if you disagree. According to my counter, a fair number of people read this thing. Who are you? Why do you read my blog? Hey, I'll count it as a Mother's Day gift if you respond.

PS....After you tell your mother everything I said, a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure will not go unappreciated! (Thank you, son!)

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