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Monday, June 29, 2009

Judy and Her Guy

Hit Counter This is my second cousin Judy and her husband Pete. They are from the Gates side of MY family, as in BILL GATES. That would be a PORCHE. Seriously, it is a Porche, she is my second cousin, three years younger than me; she now lives in the Seattle area but none of us are related to Bill Gates that we know of.
Judy teaches music in a public school in their area. Pete has worked professionally with the Boy Scouts of America until he retired last year. This year he has been a substitute school bus driver. A week before school ended he left in his Porche, picked up his brother who is 3 year older and headed to Pete's 50th high school reunion in Cincinatti. Blue Suede Shoes and all.
Then Pete and his brother went back to each of the 15 houses they had lived in while they were growing up. (Here we thank God for the invention of the GPS.) His father was a city planner/ community developer kind of guy which necessitated moving on to new communities to try out new concepts etc...
If you know anything about public school music teachers, you know that the end of the year is when the put on final performances so there was no way she could cut out early to accompany Pete on this saga. She rejoined him after the "house tour". They came to us after visiting her brother who happens to live in North Myrtle Beach.
We had a good visit. They are Christians which makes us pretty like minded. Pete was good about reminding us to get off the subject of Michael Jackson, Mark Sanford, and any other mean spirited conversation to higher ground in a very kind and loving way. :)
They not only went to church and Sunday school but opted to go to the Butler Heritage Gospel Sing with me Sunday afternoon. In our town, the formerly Black High School, Butler, was closed about 1980 to comply with desegregation laws. The graduates of this school have worked hard to keep it open and honor its place in the community. Every year, the week of the Fourth of July the alumni have events all week. Yesterday was the gospel sing. We were very impressed with the quality of the singers and enjoyed it very much.

It was good to share hugs and prayers with family!

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Gabby said...

Sounds fun, and I am not sure if I have met them, or at least I don't really remember unless they came to a wedding! Nice car! Nicer that they love Jesus!