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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kimberly and Davy Crockett

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These two stellar looking children have grown up into two extremely handsome young adults. They are the offspring of two wonderful friends of my husband and mine.

How did we meet you ask? The wife, Margaret and I were both attending Christian Women's Club in Florence. (Harts'Vegas never had a Club or at least not a "Christian Women's Club") I applied to lead a "Friendship Bible Coffee" She applied to host a "Friendship Bible Coffee".

They gave her my name and number. She called me. We talked at least two hours. (IF you you either or both of us you know I am NOT LYING about the length of that conversation.)

As we set up the date and time of our first "Friendship Bible Coffee" (Without Consulting our Husbands....good submissive Christian Wives that we are) she gave me her address and I squeal led....(its something I learned down here in the south)...."you live right down the maybe a mile away!"

Thus began a lifelong (does 25 plus years count as life long; I think so) friendship!

And a lot of drama! Margaret and Wayne met in Covenant Players....a Christian Drama Group that travels all over the USA for "love offerings" (in Christian parlance that means "we work for fa place to sleep and food"). They put on skits at churches and sleep wherever the church tells them (probably NOT together. But this is good training for money....terrible living conditions lots of stress!

When they were in HartsVegas Margaret was the Welcome Wagon Lady. (My Goodness...does anyone under 55 even know what I am talking about. No matter, I will explain. For a pittance, Like a $1.00 a month, Margaret, would assemble baskets of products from a the local businesses that wanted to participate and when a new family moved into Hartville The Chamber of Commerce would contact her and she would make an appointment to come by and bring the new residents their Welcome Wagon gift basket filled with coupons and gifts.

Margaret had to be the Queen of Welcome Wagon Hostesses. Margaret could and can still "chat up a stump." (This is a husband also says this about my daughter and I so I know it is a compliment.)

Wayne is A Jolly Good Fellow who is the perfect complement to Margaret. Wayne, like my son Todd, lives, eats, sleeps, dreams and whatever else there is SPORTS. He is also honest as the day is long and trustworthy and loyal. He sells insurance to mostly low income people. HE will not sell someone a policy THEY DON"T NEED or CAN'T AFFORD.

MARGARET and WAYNE are the REAL DEAL. They will stop on the interstate and change your tire. They will get a homeless person a meal....Margaret will take them home and cook them a meal....Wayne probably would too but I've never had his cooking. Margaret can make a cheesecake that will make you slap your if your MAMA is living...DO NOT EAT IT.

I love Kimberly and Davy Crockett. Kimberly was the first baby I ever saw nurse....and she was good at it. The two of them are the closest brother and sister team I know even though Sis is married.

I love you Fo' Bears. (Inside Joke) I will publish more pictures Kimberly....if you don't get back to bloggin.....they involve parental nudity....get with it girl!


Anonymous said...

What a God-designed friendship! Don't you love how He puts people together like that? Now I know where Kimberly fits in. I've been trying to remember and I don't recall her from high school.

So, is this Christian Women's Club still in existence? With my luck, probably not.

Kimberly said...

Ah-hahahahahaaaaaaaaa! That picture is HILARIOUS! Now I sorta want to see the partial nudity :D

I will be back to blogging pronto/stat/on the double! Can't wait to tell Mom to look at this post. She'll cry :)

Kimberly said...

Ok, I just realized that said "parental nudity"...I totally read "partial nudity" the first time and while "partial" doesn't worry me "parental" definitely does! I'm getting that next blog post going right now!