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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Rest of Your Life

Hit Counter In case you are unsure what the antique looking label pictured above is about, it is , sob, a picture of the label of our first, and one and only mattress. We purchased it at Stuckey Brothers in Stuckey, South Carolina before we were married and it was the only piece of furniture we owned. We did by a king size Craftique four poster bed to go with said mattress.

Now, through the years, people have tried to convince us that perhaps it was time for a new mattress. We would tell them our label said, "For the Rest of Your Life". It just dawned on us; that the slogan meant for the rest (as in best sleep) of your life. Oh. You mean after 43 years its time to retire the old girl? But our babies were er....conceived on her. And there were other happy moments on her. We have movies of our naked babies wiggling around on her.

The grand babies have slept with us on her. No, not the children. No way, no how!

So she is gone...but not forgotten.

And here is her replacement. With the new quilt I had just made to fit the old, sob, mattress. We took her measurements with us to the store. We could only buy a mattress that the quilt would fit. I mean I put a gazillion hours into that quilt; we have had the quilt a week and we were buying a mattress to fit the quilt not the other way around.

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Anonymous said...

George and I had a good laugh about the varied meanings of "the REST of your life"! You must have had a good one or your backs would've started killing you over 20 years ago. We've had ours less than 15 and it's time for a new one.

SS went well today. I don't know about this new quarter. Teaching the OT might be more difficult than the NT.

Gabby said...

New mattresses at Donnadale...??????
Love the quilt, too!
Maybe my oldest can sleep with you and avoid the dust mites!

Kimberly said...

Haaa! I love it! 43 years...that is amazing. The company should use that in their advertising. The quilt is lovely! Enjoy the new mattress!