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Friday, June 5, 2009

Lord, When I think About the Ways....

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You have guided me, blessed me and protected me and loved me.

I am amazed, and overwhelmed, and my eyes fill with greatful tears.

Anyone who doubts your loving kindness just hasn't experienced your love like I have. I am continually amazed at how extravagant your love is.

You made sure this orphan child got the very best home and care she could possibly get. You got me to the best college for me even thought it was so far out of the realm of possibility you got me there so I could make friends that would last a life time and meet a man I would love for a life time..

You gave me a healthy body and an intelligent mind so I could fulfill the calling you gave me to teach children which I continue to love to do to this day.

You made me aware of your Son and His Salvation when I was young enough to train them in the faith and not only did they not depart but they married Christian women and but they and raising their children to be Christ followers.

God you are so good. If you never did another thing for have already done more than enough. Thank you Father God. I love you with all my heart. Help me love you with my words and actions.


Gabby said...

Amen and Amen. He is so good isn't he? I stayed up late with Him last night, and I woke up before 6 praying with him this morning.
He is so faithful. I know He must love it when we recognize it and are thankful. Aren't we all?
I totally remember that party as a blast. Even with the rain that came halfway through, the kids LOVED the slip and slide party. There must have been 50 kids there, and you KNOW my son and daughter loved every minute and slid down the hill about 100 times. Today is more rain!

Anonymous said...

God loves this prayer and your life, from a honest and surrendered heart. Thank you for living and sharing your life with Christ. It means a lot to me.