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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Sweetest Pea an Her Sweetest Pod

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During my brief soiree into writers block yesterday, I forgot the most important thing about was Sweetest Pea's and Sweetest Pod's Thirteenth Anniversary :)
Are they not the sweetest, handsomest couple you ever saw :) Nod your head, yes mam!
They got married in a I mean they got married in Charleston, SC....the weathah was per'fect dah'ling. They were married in St. Luke's Chapel that was an arsenal during the Warah Betwean tha States (Known down here as the wara of northern know the one).
Pea and Pod planned the whole thing and did it up right. The reception was at the College of Charleston Alumni House (an Antebellum House with a lovely Garden out back which we used as well as the house.) Piano music. Oh, of course string quartet in the chapel. Lovely, lovely, lovely.....
My relatives and friends traveled from far and wide to be there to help us celebrate.....the only ones missing were dead (which is an acceptable excuse even in the South.) My niece's daughter, who was my flower girl, and my nephew's daughter, who was my ring bearer, were Pea's flower girls. They were precious. During the ceremony they reached up and stroked Pea's train....with such reverence you would have thought it was Princess Diana's.
There were NO MESS UPS. My daughter is a planner par excellance. And she did all this in Charleston on the budget she was given......$5,000. Give the girl a standing ovation! Thank you Lord for my Sweetest Pea and for Sweetest Pod and for their little pea pods.


Gabby said...

Thank you Donnamo for providing the cash and the gusto to carry out all those carefully made plans. It was an event, wasn't it?

I think God just decided to shower me with love that day. From the weather to the people, to the food, to the MAN, it was just about the most perfect day I have ever had. Thank you for making it happen. I always think how much you must have bit your tongue and been bored speechless over all the wedding talk, but you did not show it one second.
It was the best of Charleston and the best of us! I will never forget it, and never want to. I also want to weigh that little again! Please! Can you believe that Zach is now 18, remember the video when he said good-bye in that sweet voice? Oh my.
Thank you for the tribute. It was like but-tah! Darhling!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a gorgeous couple! God has truly blessed them and I am so happy for my Gabby-friend.

I wish I hadn't missed the wedding. Sigh :(

That happened to be the one year I worked my big career job and I couldn't get time off.

I love teaching with you, too, Donnamo! Peter and I will miss you and the kids on Sunday.

Love you!

Kimberly said...

Awww, I remember that! I was there! And I love that it was planned on a $5000 budget; so cool!