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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Antiques are Bigger and Better in TEXAS

Hit CounterFirst day out of the shoot (thats the way they talk here), hubs and I headed for the Largest Antique Mall in Texas.....who knew...its right down the road in Spring, Texas.  I saw a tiny ad in the Houston newspaper...and put it on the list of must sees.

First, would you look at the size of this baby!  Two tobacco warehouses long in South Carolina vernacular.  Hubs threatened to leave me there and come back to get me on his way home to SC.

But faced with a choice of sitting in the car in 103 degree heat and antique shopping....he chose...antique shopping.  ( prepared for some strange Christmas gifts this year...your Daddy had the anointing...he kept pulling me into booths....look at this...don't you think Wayne would like this Ten Gallon Hat with an armadillo on the front?

And hey, try this on, need a cowgirl hat....think about the Antioch don't fit need this hat

Oh, and look at these sweet china doggies......didn't your Mom have a dog collection?

And this mall has the goods....a man who wanders around and takes anything you are carrying back to the check out booth for messy carts to get in your way.... also you can shop without realizing you have now purchased 25 items and blown your credit card max without even realizing it.

Hubs wanted to get Granny a cake box....I do admit it was old one refurbished with pink roses...but I ask you kids...does Granny need another cake tote?  She has a collection and I've only seen the Tupperware square one out in public...(.and if YOU have it you better get it back post cakes until it returns to her kitchen).

Hubs had so much fun..he asked the check out lady for directions to the Second Largest Antique Mall in TEXAS.  We are saving that for next week.  Unless we DISCOVER they have put a stop on our you know what.
Meanwhile, what do you like about antique malls?


Anonymous said...

Awww, shoot! I knew I should've stowed-away and gone to Texas with y'all!

How many square feet was the antique mall? That is very important for me to know for something I am writing.

What do I love about antique stores/malls? Everything! I love how it's like a free museum. I love old, country stuff like butter churns and sugar buckets and kitchen utensils. I also love old food tins and tin signs. And ephmera, like postcards, photographs, and magazine advertisements.

Find any good Texas postcards? ;)

Donnamo said...

Welllllll I did find some post cards to give someone but I did not know she wanted Texas post cards.

I guess I'll HAVE to go to another antique mall to try to find her some.

Don't know square feet....see if you can find it on the net....Spring Texas......really the 2nd largest in Texas...I sometimes exaggerate....writers do that,,right?

Anonymous said...

Wait! I didn't mean specifically Texas postcards. It was kind of like saying, "Find any postcards out there in Texas?" Search no more. :)