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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All Our Trials, Lord, Soon Be Over

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              Today would be my Mom, Pearl Wiltshire Gates' 100th Birthday.  I just realized she was born on is the number of perfection in the Bible...... I am not sure how that fits in to my Mom's life.

This day does have me thinking about Trials and Troubles.  My Mother had plenty of grief/loss in her life.  Before she was 40 years old, she had lost her Mom, her Dad, her brother, her sister who was also her best friend, several miscarriages, and her seven year old son, Paul Wiltshire Gates, the only one of her three sons who carried her maiden name.

And of course, today is Michael Jackson's funeral and memorial.  Somehow, it seems so sad; he really had a tragic life despite the fame and fortune.  I've been praying he is at rest in heaven.

And as I was praying, I think of my dear friend Betty Howle's whose family is having more than their share of Trials and Troubles.  Niece, Diane Griggs, a wonderful hospital administrator, mother and friend.....with cancer than doesn't seem to be going away.  Son, Mike recently diagnosed with ALS, grandson, Josh just died in auto wreck,  she has also buried two husbands... and works as a hairdresser for the whole community.

And Kathy Baxley, husband dying s l o w l y of a prion disease similar to ALS, daughter just diagnosed with it at age 25, dad dead with Alzheimer's........trials and troubles.

BUT we are not without hope!  Betty and Kathy are Christians who are growing strong in all this adversity....they are coming forth like gold.....but it is not easy, or pleasant... so pray for them....and Michael Jackson's family today as they walk the road of sorrow.

This earthly life is but a blip on our eternal radar screen.  We all need to remember....this is NOT all there is......there is so much more on the other side of death.....good things, no tears, reunited with friends and family, no more death....WOW!

I am sitting at my host Art's desk so my thoughts turn to him.  Art is an executive with FORETHOUGHT Life Insurance Company.  What a perfect name for a life insurance company.

Because we all need to give some forethought to this life ending.  We need to make earthly and eternal preparations.  So..."think about it; let your mind run free", as Aretha Franklin sings.

This earthly life will end for all of us.  Have you made eternal preparations? Are you ready to go?  Bags packed?   Everything straight between you and God?  No unforgiveness between you and anyone else?  

I hope and pray so.


Anonymous said...

A thoughtful and poignant post. Happy thoughts to you on your mama's birthday.

Sometimes I think I'm TOO ready to go! But I don't want to leave behind my precious family at this time, so somedays I'm just like, "Jesus, come back now and take us all with you!" :)

But, in seeking God's will for this life He's given me, I know I am not ready, because there is so much more He wants me to experience and accomplish. So much more to do for His Glory!

I also don't want to go until my house is clean. So I could be here for 83 more years! I don't want to leave behind a messy house as my legacy.

EJ & Roo said...

jessica shared this with me today. beautiful post. thank you for remembering/thinking of my mom. we're all in the battle against cancer together and i am certain will win!!!

EJ & Roo said...

great to hear from you!! I'm the Roo in the equation -- mom calls me Riley Roo....
i was remembering our ALPHA world wide web trip not too long ago. seems like it was yesterday no?
we are also members at RHFBC -- i'll have to look for Ashli!!