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Monday, July 6, 2009

Exciting "New" Products

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Staying at Art and Cindy's is bringing us into the 21st (or is it 22nd) Century.

Many products in their home are new to us.  Since Cindy said, "Donna, please throw away any food that is icky before we get home" We took that as a blanket permission to eat everything in the refrigerator....not at one time mind you...this is not one of those eating contests!  Just a goal!  

Trust me Cindy you will be fortunate if there are shelves left in the fridge (oh and I take it that you meant the freezer and the pantry as well...if not.. email me post haste!)

For breakfast we tried the already cooked bacon by Hormel...the kind you microwave.  Pretty dang good.  Not quite as good as PopPop's bacon but lots faster and no messy microwave "grill" to clean :)

The Smuckers Black Raspberry Jam...very good....right up there with Pop Pop's homemade blueberry jam.(Speaking of which....if you live within 10 miles of my house....go pick our blueberries.....they should be ripe right now!) Oh, the tomatoes, cukes, and blackberries, yourself!

The I can't believe it's Not Butter...spray....being the frugal wench I am....I would never spring with the moolah to try this product...but after seeing how Cindy sprayed down their toast before toasting.....I tried it.....Yummo!

I am also testing Colby's MacBook for Steve Jobs (he's been out with a liver transplant) and yes, thank you very much....I'll be happy to test any new versions you have ! 5 stars, Steve, and I loved you on Dancing with the Stars!  (A man after my own heart...willing to make a complete fool of himself in order to have fun and make others laugh.)

Oh, the Samsung LCD HiDef..60inch flat is the bomb.  We do think it is superior to the one at our last house sit.  There will be no need for any more baseball tickets at our house if we invest in one of these babies.....Front row seats....Ted Turner's seat is no better than this!

If Cindy gives me the slightest inclination she would like me to (hint, hint) I will be happy to try any and all of her beauty products......and report back here.  Think about it Cindy, this is for the good of womankind....not just because I am curious, and too cheap to buy them myself, not at all.

Other than eating, watching tv, lazing in the outdoor jacuzzi....(Oh, I tried the indoor one yesterday.....very nice.

Hubs did force himself to go out and play the Carlton Wood's course was 102 degrees but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do......and they aerating that course beginning today and he needed to check it out before. 

It did not disappoint.  A cooler built into the cart filled with ice and bottled water.  Hubs drank 3 for the record and there were more bottles iced down at the ready at the rest stop (not a pine tree like at our home course) and at several holes.  Woody Morgan will need to kick it up a notch when Hubs reports back to Fox Creek.

Several more courses to be played (thank you host was a major factor in our house sitting decision...and he is trying to revive the plants in the yard....)

Well, that's all for now.....stay tuned for more updates from The Woodland, TEXAS!

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Kimberly said...

I would SO be at your house in a flash to rid you of your blueberries, blackberries and tomatoes :(

Sounds like you are having a ball and dispensing very important product testing information at the same time! :D