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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Church Texas Style

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Dynomite and I set out for church this am after I perused the 22 pages (I counted them) of churches in the Woodland's directory.

(I must give a brief shout out to Cindy my guest/hostess; who has THE MOST ORGANIZED house ever; and did a training that would make us  ready to hit this piece of Texas running.... which is how I knew where the Woodland's directory was....I digress)

So after careful consideration (looking at all the pictures) I picked what I thought was the nearest Baptist church.  Dyno enters it in our GPS and at 10:45AM off we go....11:07 and we are on the otherside of Rt. 45  when Lola our GPS navigatrix says "destination on the left, one tenth of a mile.....guess what was in that spot?

A HOME DEPOT....I mean I know Jesus was a carpenter but this is ridiculous.....

So we fly back over the interstate into the Woodlands....handy full page official Woodlands Map in my lap....the only church listed is The Shepherd's House.....address....a PO Box....I am not making this up.

Then I see a policeman directing traffic into something called fellowship Lane and think....could this be a church.....persuade hubs of my, right?

RIGHT!  By now it is 11:15 but we are determined not to let Satan have this in bermuda's with orange vests are signaling us...park here....hold on....we'll have a tram right here to pick you up......

We are sitting down (on the second row piano side) where we have been ushered by another freindly man in shorts whose daughter lives in SC (Folks I can do an interview of an usher between the door and the pew).  It is 11:26 there is a big digital clock counting down the minutes on the two huge screens on either side of the gigantic Newsome Auto Size American Flag.....

We are in for some worship Texas style folks.

The first worship leader is a black man named Doc who can flat out get you clapping and singing and shouting.....then the husband and wife from the Christian group Avalon....lead us in a few more...entirely new to me worship songs about freedom....with a worship band that knocked my sandals off!

This church is awesome.  It has four campuses; broadcasts in 50 states and 200 countries and God wanted us to get in on a blessing. 

The sermon was to the point and know how I love funny....the minister this Sunday was Chris Lane and he could've done stand up if God hadn't called him to be a minister.

Oh, and did we honor our service men and betcha! We clapped as they stood when their branch of service was recognized and then at the service conclusion they were asked to parade down the aisle and we took the red, white, and blue paper our of our bulletins and made confetti to shower them with while 
Sousa marches played us all out.  

And that folks was worship....Texas Style....and oh yeah, they take you back to your car on a tram..... if you don't want to go in the coffee shop.

And in September....Bono is coming to speak here for a Leadership Conference. Oh, and Tony Evans!


Gabby said...

Now that is some upscale worship in Texas. Amen to that. I am sure Dynomite could barely hold you to the pew.

Sounds so nice, meanwhile, back in SC I was delivering a word about having a heart of soft soil for spiritual growth.

Nothing fancy at all about that, I assure!
I love Bono. But we did have us a nice celebration of the fourth with some neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Now that's some Texas-sized praise and worship: BIG! How totally awesome! I'm glad worked that out for y'all.

By the way, I'm glad to know that we aren't the only ones who have named our GPS! We alternate calling ours "Bossy", "Flossie", "Bossy Flossie", and "Margie" !