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Monday, July 27, 2009

Colonel Ashton Gandy and Tim

Now that I am no longer working at the Society Hill Library (I will explain in another post)Hubs and I decided we needed to go visit our dear friend, the Colonel. When I called to see if it was a good day and time for a visit, the Colonel said,

"Of course, come on; you are bringing Scout aren't you?"

The Colonel and I met at the library but became closer friends after I invited him to keep Scout when we drove across country a few years back. Scout did a trial visit for a weekend.

Scout enjoyed herself.
Tim the resident Rat Terrier not so much.
In the Colonel's words, "while Tim was deciding whether to get in my lap or not....Scout was already in it."

As you see, not much has changed!

Tim and Scout are the same age. They are both SUPPOSED to be full blooded rat terriers.
The Colonel has decided MAYBE Tim is not quite full blooded but he is definitely family.

This is their normal position :) Scout was in hubs lap straight across from Tim :)

I wish I'd have taken a picture of the outside of the house. It is a huge antebellum house where the Colonel's family has lived since before the Civil War. There were slave cabins in back.
He told us he is going to the State Museum to get his Civil War memorabilia appraised this week. That includes the ownership papers for the slaves his grandfather owned.
Sadly the house is in "decline". The Colonel and Tim confine themselves mostly to the room shown. It is air conditioned.....there is a fan.
The Colonel is having guests for his birthday August 6th. A lady friend from the nursing home in Fayetteville, NC is being driven down to spend the day. He met her while serving in Germany after World War II. She was teaching the American Soldiers' children. The Colonel talks to her every night between 6:30 and 7:30 PM.
From 8 to 8:45 PM he talks to another lady friend.
I asked if he had invited both for his birthday bash.
"Do you think I'm insane?" he quipped. "I learned my lesson back in Panama in 1948 when I invited two ladies I was seeing to the base picnic."
Being a bachelor for all these years hasn't been for naught. :)
By the way, he will be taking his guests to Miriam's Kitchen for lunch. He does not take guests to Johnny's truck stop although he purchases his lunch there every day and brings it home.
Why does he bring it home? "I am parsimonious!" "I don't want to pay for tea and tip a waitress."
Tim is going to have one heck of an inheritance......Scout will have to get in line to see him then. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this post! People like the colonel, ok, I'll say it....elderly people.... have so much life and many lessons to share with us. If only we will pay attention. Good for you for continuing this friendship with him and Tim!

I'm glad that you are back to posting regularly since your return from Texas. I always enjoy reading your blog. I seem to be on a posting hiatus but I hope to change that today.

Thank you so much for my antique postcards!

Gabby said...

I feel like a lovely slice of the south was exposed here!

I love the tip thing!