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Sunday, July 26, 2009

American Idol HartsVegas Style

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Hubs and I went to his Class of 1957's SEVENTIETH Birthday Bash last night.
(I should have taken my camera to record this momentous occassion.)

About fifty (counting spouses and significant others....yep these old people have those) were there. There were 116 in their graduating class. They read the list of those deceased (about 50 I'd say) and the list of those who rent regrets (maybe 10).

One of their former teachers/coaches, Ray Petty stopped in to say hi. (He looked better than any of the men there.)

ANYWAY, on our way home we saw a crowd at Burry Park and the sign saying Hartsville's American Idol so we stopped.

I have to say, Hartsville's got talent! We stayed about an hour and a half and heard about 10 contestants. (The MC had few dance breaks for the audience.....Cuban Macarena??? )

All the contestants we heard were good; some were great. Cecily Brown who sang Whitney Houston was terrific! A Mandesa-like performer was decent tho she went acapella which is probably not a great choice. Fifteen year old from Darlington blasted Amazing Grace.

Oh, yeah, there were three judges who will remain nameless because their names were not announced while we were there.

And Vendors.....Southern Candy Kitchen....snow cones etc.... Shirley's....turkey legs.....

The best thing was the nice crowd seated on blankets with families. Kids running around in the grass. Teens dancing on the pavers. A nice mix of both black and white citizens of H'ville.

AND that's what I love about HARTSVILLE.

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Sallie said...

Glad you are back! Andy went and weed eated. He said it had been too dry to need to mow. We have Abby now and will return her tomorrow-an overnight adventure.

Favorite summer veg is green beans. State half runners, very small, sauteed in olive oil with savory and sea salt. Simmer for a few minues in chicken broth if they are a bit too big. Yummy!