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Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo Donnamentary

This is Murphy the love muffin King Charles Spaniel.  We are NOT Permissive as has been rumored.  He sits are the table when his owners are here also.  Or at least he will now :)
These are the grounds of the church that had a good worship service (taken from the tram taking us back to our car!)Signs like this are all around Hubert and ? the great "grocery" (to use the term loosely) started here when Whole Foods deigned not to come to the WOODLANDS!
If it wouldn't be ungodly, I would say this is our family motto.

I guess ours is "other than loving God....we love us some food"...  Donnamo
The Scott Addis family motto (according to Melissa who married in)...."slop and plenty of it!"
Oops speaking of food....this is taken at Landrys restaurant where we stopped for lunch on the way here.  My son tells me they have one in Myrtle Beach...who knew???
We ate us some shrimp po' boys and onion rings....wish I'd taken a picture of that plate, yummo.
This is the entrance; no wonder we stopped here.....not your normal exit restaurant.

Lola, our GPS, managed to help us find The Front Page, a great restaurant, cousin Bill had taken hubs too when they were in Atlanta for the Braves games.  Yummo and Scenic!
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( Now that I got my pictures done; I can move on. But I can't seem to get the text without this underline thing....ignore please.....further evidence of operator ineptitude.)

I will go ahead and publish instead of adding more pics because I actually learned how to put the text under the pictures.  Shout Out to Steve Jobs....this MacBook loads pictures in a wink..unlike my PC at home.  (Art, thank you so much for insisting I take this home with me; and Colby, you are my man for letting me have it!) (Hint, hint, hint!)


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