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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My New Quilting Studio/ Texas Style and more...

When we go house sitting, I take my sewing machine, cutting board, and fabrics so I can quilt.  It took a few days before I was rested up and ready to quilt.

The kitchen/great room area made a great "studio" good or better than my home studio.

I brought my small ironing board and there you go.....quilt studio.

The granite counters are just the right height for me to use the rotary cutting mat on.
Hit Counter
Our peeps from South Carolina arrived Thursday.  Glen is from Texas....and that home boy was glad to get back here.  He says people kid him because he loves the smell of a cow lot full of smells like home sweet home to him.

He and Hubs tackled the Fazio course in 105 degree heat.  There were 8 other fools I mean golfers on the course.  The course kicked their butts.  They came in dragging not bragging.

Bobbie and I took the high road and hung out in and around the pool.....a much better idea!

Then G&B took us out to eat.  I made Glen, Mr. Decision maker, decide where we were going.  I gave him the map and the list of restaurants.  He choose Kirby's Steak House.  (I think he thought it would be like a RYAN'S back home.  Au contrair.  This was steak house....TEXAS style.)

Talk about sticker shock.  The cheapest steak was $37.99 and the sides were a la carte (you pay separate for each potato, salad, etc...)  We offered to run for the border, but Glen's Texas Pride would not allow for that.  Bobbie's West Virginia frugality would have had no trouble checking out of there.

The food was Texaslicious....and when I get my photos disked again I will show you what the meal looked like.....and Glen and Bobby,  and the ladies rest room....stay tuned.....for more Texiana.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving these updates! I'm glad your friends got to visit you!