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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, Good to Me.....

This would be a Texas size t-bone (with the tenderloin removed for me to eat) Scout, the bone is frozen ready to come home with us for you.) The steak I regret is down his "tubes".
This would be hubs acting dorky under the waterfall in the pool.  (More evidence for when we put him in The Home, kids).
This would be me drinking iced tea in the pool.  No dorkiness here; does not need to go to a home.

A display in the antique mall....lots of old fishing lures for sale.  If I hadn't thrown out all of Dad's we could've spelled our name on our mailbox.  Who knew?  Remember the year I decorated our Christmas tree at Santee with fishing lures?  I was ahead of my not mention the pill bottle bird feeders....I admit they were over the top tacky.

Paper Dolls of Moi?  I so wanted these but I didn't think I could write them off as a Christmas gift to the grandgirls......a shame!
This is the house where we are staying.....for all none of you who asked for a picture.  

Just to show Texas still has some tacky....we have these Bud earrings....I would have gotten Gabby, my drug and alcohol counselor daughter. a pair but they didn't have Bud Lite.
Your clients would have so loved these.
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Well, Bobbie and Glen leave The Woodlands today to visit other friends and family.  They are off to see Glen's  aunts and uncles in Fort Worth.  They are in their nineties and he hasn't visited them in 15 years.  Now, that brothers is faith (or maybe foolishness)

I thought I'd clean up the pictures on my disk before getting another at Kinko's with my latest photo's which explains this smorgasbord of photo delights.

See ya' tellin' what I will get into by then!

Donnamo and Beyond!


Gabby said...

I love the pool, we could definitely rock that waterfall, probably surf it!

Did you go back to the cool church again?

Enjoy your last week in paradise!

Anonymous said...

That pool is awesome! Will it be hard to return to the plain old A. pool at home?

I'm not sure I believe that the house and pool are really where you are staying, ONLY b/c the pictures of the kitchen in your quilting post didn't look like a kitchen in a mansion! LOL

See my blog for a note from your SS kids!

Kimberly said...

The phrase "...for all none of you who asked" = hilarious :D I LOVE seeing pictures of houses.