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Monday, July 13, 2009

Rita, this one's for you!

(WOW, YESTERDAY 50 people read this blog......I wonder who you are and why I can't get rid of this underlined text that starts off my blog.  Mary and Gabby you are welcome to have a crack at removing it......remember my password is the name of our now defunct farm.)

Today my devotion was on 1st Chronicles 16:4-21

I am reading through the Bible in The Message translated by Eugene Peterson.  Whenever I finish reading the Bible in one translation, I read it in another.....I find I have not memorized the Bible despite many readings and each translation helps me understand God better.
Oh, and I do write in the margins etc.....I hope one day my grands will each want one of my Bibles with my notes in the margin.

This chapter of Chronicles is about when David finally got the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem after a big misstep on the first try.  King David leads the worship....remember David is known as "the man after God's own heart" even though he messed up mightily more than once he is the only person to be designated with that moniker so we should pay attention to David's model.

Here are some of the things David Exhorts us to do:
  • Thank God, call out his name, tell the world what he has done
  • Sing to Him, play songs, be jubilant!
  • Study God, seek his presence every day
  • Remember the miracles  and wonders he has performed
  • God keeps His commitments across thousands of generations
  • Jews, pay attention to all he has done for you since he made a covenant with Abraham
  • Everyone, get out his salvation news everyday
  • Why? because God is great, well worth praising, not like those popular gods who are stuff and nonsense
  • God is serious business, take him seriously!
  • Pass the word among the nations.....GOD REIGNS!
  • He is on his way to set things right!
  • Thank you God, for being Good....for never stopping loving us
  • May you be blessed, God of Israel and the whole world...
Everyone say....Yes! AMEN! AND "Praise God!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes! Amen! And Praise God!

I love it when you share this kind of stuff.

I am reading thru the Bible in the NIV and KJV. For my next version I want to read the NASB.

So, you had 50 visitors on your blog yesterday? Are you using your stat counter to see where they are coming from? That only provides location, though. Tell all your friends to leave comments!

I don't know how to get the 'underlining' off your posts.