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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

Can you guess what this is about?

It is about our Septic Tank and Drain Fields.....NOT WORKING. We had clues before we left for Texas....the shower burbling after a shower....kinda like it had indigestion....but no regurgitation. Things went down hill Monday. Crap comes up in kitchen sink. Not REAL crap, thankfully, just greasy water with flecks of pipe scum. Of course, we are having dinner guests in 4 hours when this occurs.
Fortunately our new best friend, Willie Evans, and his team get on site and start digging. Hubs took pictures while I cooked. (We had water; just couldn't wash dishes etc...) I guess this is the hole into the septic tank.

The worker looking into tank....I am sure he has a gas mask on you just can't see it.

This is the root ball that was blocking all operations.
I wish hubs had taken a BEFORE picture....we had a veritable Garden of Eden on top of our septic tank and drain fields. No one told this city girl used to city sewage that planting ANYTHING on top of septic tanks or drain fields is a big NO NO.
I also wish I had an after picture....Garden of Eden is a Wasteland (Get IT???) Most of the plants are gone.....we still need at least two of the 50 foot pine trees removed....and we will save up for that expense since we just emptied "repairs" and Miscellaneous" and a few other categories in our budget to fund this excavation.
I must tell you, the honey wagon that came to empty the septic tank was labeled "YESTERDAY"S MEALS ON WHEELS" LOL (Another missed photo op)

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couple of other"housekeeping" matters (that's what they called them at school conferences).
If you aren't reading Stuff Christians Like ( drop by and check it out. I heard the author on Chris Fabry live one day this week and liked what I heard. And now I like what he has written. Today's post on Sunday School Teachers is a Must Read.

Books I've been reading: The Cradle by Patrick Sommerville (interesting); Dune Road by Jane Green (not so good, didn't finish) and tah dah my FAVORITE The Crowning Glory of Calla Lilly Ponder by Rebecca Wells Author of The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisters. (Can hardly put down.)
What are y'all reading?

Now on to the deep stuff, evil laugh,

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Gabby said...

I am so glad I missed the poop patrol. Yuk! You are so not in TEXAS anymore!

Have a great week, good luck going to the privy in the woods. Remember watch the leaves!