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Friday, July 31, 2009

What BUGS Me

This little critter was sitting on my can of OFF DEET spray! His antennae did not show up in the picture but they were very cute. Do not know what this fellow is unless he is a GREEN cricket. He hung around a long time before hopping off on the patio floor.
I think Scout had him for a snack. Oh well on to what bugs me:
  • waiting for pictures to upload on this blog (I tried timing it...I think it was OVER A MINUTE and y'all know how BUSY I am)

  • unwanted telephone calls-- we are registered (twice now) for the DO NOT CALL registry so why are these people calling us?

  • which brings up phone book listings....I finally got the Hartsville Phone book to list us as Donna and Curtis Chapman so people who know me and not my husband can find me. That lasted one year. Now we are "M Chapman" and no one can find us but Dr. Mac Chapman's friends who don't know he is listed as R Chapman (For Raymond McIntosh his real full name) I did not take this lying down....I called every number in the phone book to get this corrected, even the governor's omnibudsman's office....this year we are listed as...M Chapman.....grrrrrrr

  • library on line catalog....tells you a book is in the consortium but that you have to see a librarian to order it.....why can't we just LINK to the other library and order it ourselves? Come on Polaris you can figure this one out.

  • blog readers who lurk, and don't comment (who are the 34 readers who read this trash yesterday??? well, okay 32....I know Gabby did and my college friend Linda.

Well, I have to go run and I can't think of any more BUGS for the time being so I'll sign off.

OOps one more....ministers who want to hear your story and then don't acknowledge you sent it to them.

Oh, and daughters who write you on Facebook.....instead of emailing you. (I better quit while I have one reader left)

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