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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Murphy the Love Muffin

This is Murphy the Love Muffin, the reason de etra, we are here in the fabuloso Woodlands. He is pictured with  His play toy, he has a black one also.  He is not allowed to have bones (real or fake) which has been a BIG temptation for Pop Pop not to do.  You all know how he loves to give bones to babies and dogs!.

This is Pop Pop getting sugar from Murphy.  DO NOT SHOW SCOUT THIS PICTURE!

Here is the love muffin stretched out cooling his tummy off on the tile floor. (I love cockers had to cool their's off on linoleum....tile is much better I am sure!)

Murphy reads the Houston Chronicle and the New York Post every AM.  He is very smart and up on current events.  He can even read sideways like a teacher.  So talented!

If you see this dog's picture on America's Most NOT call give them my name and address.  It WILL NOT be me who stole Murphy from the Woodlands around July 15, 2009.  There have been several thefts and attempted dognappings....go to for more info.

It is only a coincidence we now have a King Charles Spaniel named Smurffy.
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1 comment:

Gabby said...

He is very cutie patutie! I can not believe you have not fed him, that is just not in Daddy's genes, or jeans (when he smuggles bones out of the restaraunt).

I wish we had HEB, but it looks pricey. Very pricey.