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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Consignment Shopping Texas Style

I love a good consignment shop and this one is the best I've ever been in!  Stylish clothes, not outdated, and good prices.
There was really only one draw back; I am not a size four, six, or eight.
There was plenty of Texas Size size fits all.
I loved the leather and silver belt (I had to hang it on top of the yellow top and necklace to get a picture of certainly wouldn't go around MY waist.
The shoes were fashionable and hardly worn.
How about those shorts on the right.....they might fit Cindy (my hostess) or my Barbie doll.
Hit Counter But if you are the right size.....come on out....there are bargains to be had.


Gabby said...

Oh, the high fashion. Love the cross, Texas rap sized!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving being on this 'virtual vacation' with you! Thanks for sharing all the pics. What do the people in the stores think when you whip out your camera and start snapping away? :)

George was mighty impressed with the pics of your hosts' fabulous pool. He asked what was in that glass you were holding----I assured him (you said) it was iced tea!

I saw on Gabby's blog that you have been reading books by Dorothea Benton Frank. She was in town a couple weeks ago for a B. Bookstore luncheon and book-signing. Anyway, her books sound great. I am going to look for them when I go to that book sale this Sat.

That gator we saw was scary. That was in P. lake. We live at Lake R. and George says there are no gators here! Hope he's right.