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Friday, July 17, 2009

Free as a Bird

What the heck is this about?????

Freebird.....a have it your way burrito icon has migrated south from Aggieville (Texas A&M) for those non-Texans in the readership.
Having met the manager at Kinkos the day of the Grand Opening and been gifted with two free lunches....we tried it out this week.

There were "kids" sitting in lounge chairs in front of the restaurant at 9 AM that day when we went to Kinkos.  The manager, who was getting stuff done at Kinkos, explained.....the first 25 in line would get a YEAR'S WORTH OF FREE BURITOS.  No wonder they lined up at 3 AM.
How cool is this drink station?
Your burrito comes wrapped in foil, so creative patrons make things from the foil and leave them sitting around to be admired.  So cool!
I choose Raspberry Tea for my beverage.....they have the beer, George, but I didn't, couldn't, wouldn't imbibe......even though I am not a deacon (nor could be since our church doesn't allow women deacons). Ah hem!
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Gabby said...

I am so JEALOUS! You know I love to try new eateries when I am traveling, and Big Mama is always talking about the awesome Mexican food.

Free lunch! What in the world, you people are living a charmed life. Well, since we have been to the pool everyday this week, and are off to take Cooper to the Lake for the first time today for a swim and picnic, I am gonna give you a pass. Our life isn't that rough, but I am definitely driving down if you house sit there again, we will make it work! I see a dog that needs my loving arms. And a pool that needs some attention.

EJ & Roo said...

looks like a yummy place!!