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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something to Blog About

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Some of you maybe noticed I didn't blog for two days.....nothing to blog about.

I heard an interesting concept on the Chris Fabry radio program today(Moody Radio Network).

Living a Balanced Life vs a Life of Rhythm (go to Chris' website: to listen and get the name of the author of the book etc...if this interests you and you want to know more.)

Two of my blogging cohorts, Mary and Gabby have blogged this week about their lives and knowing what is right for them and this resonated with me as well.

The author said that he doesn't know where the concept"the balanced life" came from.
In his research he couldn't find the origin of the term or the theory. He thinks it may be a yuppie idea.

Hmmmm...I never thought about the fact that there isn't a "Thou Shall Be Balanced" commandment. Maybe because I am a Libra (no I don't really think that means anything) I like the idea of balance.....

He purports that there are times when life cannot and will not be balanced and to expect it to be or to strive to balance it will drive you crazy.

Like when you have a new baby, or when someone in your family is in the hospital, or it is exam time, or wedding time etc..... get the idea??? Ya gotta give up balance during those times and go with the flow.

He says there is a rhythm to life: God says in Genesis how he put the moon and the stars in place and we know there is a rhythm to the seasons, the tides, the year etc.... and if we pay attention to where we are in our life cycle we will be better able to live in sync with God and our situation.

A peach farmer called in to the program. He said there is definitely a cycle to his family' life and it is based on his crop. Fall is a slow unwinding season, things start picking up in Winter and Spring and it all culminates in Harvest time when they all work 7 days for as long as it takes to pick and sell the peaches. He said every one who knows them knows.....don't bother them, or expect them to do vbs, or have guests etc... during harvest time.

The neat thing was he said after they stop all outside activity during that season, they then reevaluate the things they were involved in the past year. Do they want to do scouts again? Sing in the choir? Teach a Bible Study?

I like this concept and hope it is interesting to you also. Any comments?


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you tonight at supper. Although it was too brief.

The concept of seasons and cycles in life is probably correct, but I resist it. The reason being is that many women have been assuring me that life becomes more balanced at the magic number 40! I want to believe it---I've only got three more years!

I also keep asking "When am I going to get it right?" Of course, I already know the answer: I won't get it right until I die and go to glory!

A balanced life. A season of peace. Lord, whatever it is, I want me some!

Gabby said...

I like the idea of rhythm in my life (even if I can't spell it). I had to drop everything to run visit a friend with a son in the hospital yesterday, and talk about changing what is important in your life.. they are totally on hold in everything until they find out what is wrong with their son and how to get him better. I will take some unbalance in my life over that kind of heart wrenching uncertainty any day. While he is improving, they are in for a little bit of a life change as he heals, and I know that at times like these, they need us to love them more than ever. I think that is what I have appreciated most in life. The times my dearest Mommy and Daddy rushed to my aid with a baby or sick kid, helping out when I need it most with a card, encouragment, prayer, driving when I just needed the comfort of My parents nearby. The times my prayers sisters lift me up on our knees in my very own living room, when they could be doing so many other things. It is a blessing. It is way more important than whether I volunteer for everything, or have a clean toilet, or even have a balanced checkbook. I am trying to remember that, Jesus was very clear on his greatest command: loving. Loving him, loving others... that is what counts.
Despite the season. I will need it from others at times, they will need it from me. I am so blessed to give and receive it!

Kimberly said...

I think for me balancing life means leaving time to be still and know that He is God. Walt and I force ourselves to leave unplanned time on our calendars. Otherwise we'd run all the time and at the end of it all we'd be exhausted. Making ourselves build in balance when we do have control helps us to manage during those times when life cannot be contained and we don't have control.

I believe the Bible does address balance through God's commandment that we observe the Sabbath once a week. I don't find that the Bible tells us what day we have to use, but it does tell us to rest and keep the day holy. God surely did not need to rest on the seventh day, but He knew we'd need His example. We had a sermon a couple months ago about the Sabbath and how our obedience to God in observing a day of rest shows that we trust Him to help us get all of our work done the other 6 days of the week.

What could be more balanced that taking one day out of every 7 to rest, remember God and recharge?