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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hand Jive

This is my hand at 8 am this morning. Please notice my nails look like a rat chewed on them all night. There was no rat and I do not bite or chew them either. I guess it is old age.

I never had super long diva nails but I did have a decent set I could put polish on and look decent.

In the last few years, they have begun to break if they get the slightest bit beyond my finger tip; or split in half. Yuk! Ugly and Painful.

But then I discovered:

Kiss Everlasting nails and I am in "Hand Heaven". Not only do they not chip or split...they will hold polish (and not peel)....virtually indestructible!

And I have no hang nails when I am wearing them :)

They come in long, short, french manicure and plain. I paint my plain ones. You must file them which is quick and glue them on (even quicker). If one comes off....glue it or a new one back on. Voila!

They also make toe nails....which I tried...but my toe nails (besides the big boy) are so tiny they won't stay on. I did the french manicure toe nails since I can't do that myself.

Try them and see how you like them....available at Walmart for about $6.00 a box. No where near the cost of a manicure :)

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Anonymous said...

Were you compensated in any way for this product promotion? ;)

Donnamo said...

No,Mary, I was not....I was just sharing the discovery :)

EJ & Roo said...

they look great. thanks for the product review. definately cheaper than a manicure!!