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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where you Been, Dog Gone It?

This is Billy, my new best friend. He belongs to our old friend Joe Reynolds. Joe was married to one of my closest friends, Nena. We haven't seen him since they divorced in 1984. Last week when we were visiting her, she told us he lives in Cheraw; about 30 miles from here. So we looked him up in phone book and he said, "Sure, I'd love to see you guys....come on!"
This is Joe feeding Billy some treats. Joe is 72 now and has survived heart surgery and like the rest of us old folks, trying to take off some pounds. Instead of eating ourselves, we feed our dogs. No telling how many treats Billy had while we were there.

I loved on Billy so much during the visit, Joe gave me a framed professional photograph he'd had made of Billy.

Joe is a recovering alcoholic, twenty some years sober. But the damage his drinking did to his family has not gone away. His son was killed in a logging accident, one daughter has nothing to do with him so he doesn't know her children at all. The other daughter does keep in touch and visit with him. Joe and Nena haven't seen each other since their divorce.
My brother is an alcoholic. My daughter is an alcohol and drug counselor. I am sure you probably know someone who has had their life ruined by alcohol. Both of my childhood best friend's parents were alcoholics so I have seen the damage that can result.
No one knows why some people can be moderate drinkers their whole life and others become addicted. My daughter believes it is a slippery slope that we'd all best stay off of.
What do you think?
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Anonymous said...

My hubs and I are firm believers in no alcohol---not saying we've never had any. But there's kind of no point to it. George has always considered it a witness thing---What if someone saw us buying alcohol for our once-in-a-blue-moon drink and assumed we were regular drinkers? So we just don't. Except for last Christmas, at the Biltmore House where we bought a bottle of wine! Not saying never!

Gabby said...

Is his favorite food still worms fresh from the garden?

So funny that posed picture of the dog. Make sure you get one of Libby with a hot dog when she is visiting. She is packed and waiting by the door. She LOVES her new diet. Ha.

You would not believe the number of people in church (and society) today with unchecked problems with alcohol. It is mind boggling.