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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Ain't the only Organizer Round Here

Being the talented, organized blogger I am, I will start with the after picture first. (Because I forgot you have to reverse the order of the pictures). At any rate, this is one shot of Hubs storage room after his big reorganization last week. You men and women will be proud to know that after 43 years of marriage I have given my husband COMPLETE AUTHORITY over this storage room AND the so called "FLOWER HOUSE". He can now keep or discard ANYTHING he would like in these two areas. He is so thrilled with his new found power it promoted him to go on a organizing blitz!
He set up an old card table under our little patio, got out his labels and gizmo organizers.

This is his discard box which he took to his former tractor repair dealer to use in his shop. (Recycling.....don't tell him that's what its called....he HATES recycling!)

Our neighbor Andy had gifted Hubs with many containers and many nuts and bolts etc.... so it took him three full days to sort through all of the above, find a little or big drawer to put them in and label them.

I am so proud of him! I have always been the family organizer (whether he liked it or not) and now he's got the bug. I will post pictures if the two areas under his authority get messy. I DO NOT like messy!

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The Real Aristocats said...

Oh no---It rubs off--I better stay in Moncks Corner,,,(Just kidding Mom Dog).....