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Monday, August 24, 2009

Blast from the Past

Hit Counter Saturday night I got to rendezvous with a friend I hadn't seen or heard from in over fifty years, Jane Holland Hoveland. She is the circled person on the left. Then me and my BBF Leslie Lockwood Deveau. Jane brought me this picture when she came to dinner at my brother Bud's Saturday night in Emerald Isle, NC.
Brother had met Jane's hub, Bill, at a volunteer Coast Guard meeting a few months back and they discovered a mutual link to my Favorite place on earth.....Bay Ridge, Maryland. The men planned a reunion for Jane and I. It turns out Jane and Bill once owned the house my Dad's brother owned in Bay Ridge :)
Jane's sister still lives in Bay Ridge....the lucky duck! Jane invited me to go up with her to visit Chris sometime :) I am so all over that.
I would show pictures of Jane and Bill and Bubba and Bubbette and the turtle hatching granddaughter Hannah and I witnessed on the beach BUT GUESS WHAT I DISCOVERED a few minutes ago? I had left my camera's scan disk in my CPU so none of those great photos we took were saved. Good thing I have a photographic memory, huh?!?
I must have because I could name at least 3/4 of the people in the picture even though I hadn't seen them in eons.....of course I dated 1/2 of them :)
This was taken at THE CLUBHOUSE in our little community. Every summer we teenagers would decide to have a dance and do all the work to organize it and publicize it (nail fliers on trees). I do not remember having chaperons or any adult intervention or guidance. Nor did we have drinking or party crashers. It was the Fabulous Fifties, people.
What was the best era of your growing up years and why????

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Anonymous said...

Best era of my growing up years? Hmmmm.....I never did believe it when Mama used to tell me that those years were the best years of my life! I much prefer being an adult!

Seriously, I would have to say 1987to 1990 were my favorite years as far as friends and social life, etc. In '88 I went to Governor's School and that was the best experience of my young life. I've been meaning to post about it---You've inspired me to do it this week.