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Friday, August 21, 2009

Red Ryder Rides Again

My Family loves the movie Christmas Story about the boy who wants the Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas but his mother keeps saying "You'll shoot your eye out!" These are my boy's Red Ryders. My grandsons use them for target practice.
My husband got his Red Ryder when he was ten years old. It was his Christmas gift. He used it to shoot his front TOOTH out (accidentally of course when the bee bee ricocheted off a tree). He used it to kill sparrows, blue jays and his mother's chickens :) PETA people do not write me; I am an animal lover.

Hubs thinks his cost $7 at Quality Hardware. See the ad above for a $2.95 one (hubs is not THAT old)
Did you or anyone in your family have a Red Ryder? Any stories?


Kimberly said...

Once Christian got old enough he went straight for the big-time guns. 22, rifle, shotgun, a couple handguns. When Dad stays up later than Christian he tiptoes up the stairs to go to bed so as not to make any noise which could cause Christian to wake up thinking there's an intruder in the house and come busting out of his room with guns blazing. When Dad tells the story he says, "And I walk quiet as I can and look at Christian's door and think, "great day, he has GUNS in there!!" Cracks me up.

Walt had a BB gun when he was younger and he took out the bumble bees and other innocent creatures of God's animal kingdom :)

Gabby said...

My son loves to shoot at 2 liter bottles hanging from a tree in the backyard.
Remind me never to sneak up on Christian. GOOD GRIEF!