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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miracles by Susan

I love this little sign a friend made for my hairdresser, Susan Mullis. Her shop is in her yard which is in a neighborhood, so the sign had to be unobtrusive. The Y on the mailbox is for her daughter, Teena and husband Price Yount who now live in the house. Susan lives in an apartment in back. I have been going to Susan since I retired and my hairdresser, Barbara Lawrence, retired. I had no idea that every body my age in Hartsville goes to Susan. Every time I go I meet someone new. Most of us only get cuts and color so we are once a month clients. Going to Susan's is like going to a coffee klatch without the coffee. We all visit and comment on each other's life and problems in our town etc...( The customers are hiding in these pictures because they didn't want to be photographed with hair color, perm rods, etc...unlike me who has no shame :)
Well, some how I missed the picture of just the hair pulled through the cap, but you get the idea. I must tell you several months ago I decided I wanted to be brunette again but I didn't want to wait until Susan could work me in (she is booked a month in advance). So I got hubs to put loving care medium brown on.......because I was already a bleached blond the color grabbed and I came out looking like ELVIS. It took Susan all day one Saturday to get me back to blond. She made me promise to put her number under the 911 number and CALL HER before attempting any more home hair coloring. I took the oath! (After about a million hair color would think I had learned this much earlier in life, but some of us are born stupid.)

Voila....see why I call The shop Miracles by Susan! In a couple weeks she is going to add brown streaks to make it look more natural. (Her idea!)
This is Tonya, Susan's daughter who works in the shop on Wednesdays. She is holding daughter Teena's new baby girl Avery. When Susan talks about retiring, Teena says, "Oh, Mama you can't retire....I want Avery to grow up in the shop like the other grandchildren!" So sweet, all of us customers do love Susan, Tonya, Teena, and the grands.
Do you have a hairdresser you LOVE?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep your hair blonde! I think it looks very glamourous.

I've been going to the same hairdresser for 15 years. But I rarely go because with long hair like mine it costs a fortune! I go about twice a year for a trim and color.

This was fun reading about people I know. It reminded me that I haven't given Teena a baby gift yet, which I've been meaning to do.