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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Sweet Boy

This is my youngest grandson, Gates. He is wearing his "Spidy man Pjs) and playing house with himself. I love it!
For his 3rd birthday in I MADE HIS CAKE (note drooping frosting) and put the football players I used to put on his Dad and his Uncle Todd's cakes. You can see he is quite pleased. The picture reminds me of when my kids were adolescents and would say "Mama, you want sea food?" and then open their mouths so I could see their half chewed food. (They will deny this but it is so true....I could not, would not make this up!)

For Christmas the Number 1 Carolina player got a drill with protective glasses from Great Grandma shown in background. UNFORTUNATELY it made a VERY LOUD Drilling sound and he almost drove us crazy until they took it home to their house (wicked, evil laugh!)
Great Grandma used to give my children noisy annoying gifts which I made her keep at her house. (I can be quite the assertive daughter-in-law....who knew?) She still has the clucking chicken pull toy and the barking dog pull toy which the grands drag around her house. They seem very mild compared to the DRILLS and CHAINSAWS she gives the great grands.
Your kids or grands have any annoying toys??? Let us hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbors always give Peter something really noisy. One year it was a battery-operated voice-changing megaphone! He can sound just like Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, or a dozen other things. I think our neighbors think they're being funny.

Your grandson is so adorable. What a cute age!