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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Great Home Product to Try

Hit Counter When we were in TEXAS our house sitting hostess had a mop similar to this. Every week when the maids came they mopped all the floors and put the mop head in the washer with the rags they had used and washed them. This inspired me.
Truthfully, my husband has done all the mopping in our home. I may have gotten out the little sponge mop a time or two. Hubs has always liked a great big string mop and has the accompanying mop bucket you can step on to TRY to get the water out. When done he hangs it in the storage room to washing needed?????
So when I saw the Texas mop I decided we needed a mop that could be washed between moppings. I looked in Texas and here and could not find the one they had but something similar. It is a Rubbermaid mop and the mop head can and has been washed in the washing machine after each mopping. So far I have mopped the kitchen area twice since we have been home. Hubs is thrilled. Me, too!
PS the mop she had is the Libman Big Tornado Twist Mop. I tried to cut and paste a picture here to no avail. Google Libman to see all their housecleaning products including The Big Tornado Mop.

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Anonymous said...

When we were first married, we had such crummy tile in our old house that I scrubbed on hands & knees. Now I have my beautiful laminate flooring that looks like slate. George does most of the mopping. We are Swiffer people!