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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Make New Friends....But Keep the Old..."

These people are some of the best gifts God has given me. And not having a recent picture of either I went back into my files (the 1987 Bethlehem Church Directory) and snagged these.
Hit Counter I met the McCauley's in about 1980. I was in a Bible Study in town; having been invited by my new best friend of the time, Margaret Fober, the Welcome Wagon Hostess, who knew all these people I didn't know. Margaret, of course, had welcomed Sallie to Hartsville, and on finding out she was a Christian invited her to the Bible Study.
I don't know why Sallie and I were initially attracted to each other (as friends) but we were. I loved her home on Edgewood. Framed cross stitch proclaimed her love for the Lord in a tasteful way. She had handmade quilts for her family's beds....and I was to learn she was an excellent Bible scholar and Bible Teacher.
Sallie taught me how to quilt and a whole lot more. Together we started a chapter of Women's Aglow (a spirit filled women's organization) in Hartsville. We had Intercessory Prayer at her house for 3 hours every Thursday Morning. When you get down and dirty in the prayer room you really get to know people.
About twenty years ago Sallie convinced Andy they needed to move out of town near us. In fact they bought three acres from us at top dollar I might add and built a lovely home. Meanwhile I went back to work and she started a landscaping business and we hardly ever saw each other.
Five years ago they retired to Virginia where they had bought a half of Turkey Knob Mountain. They built their gorgeous log cabin themselves. We have been up to visit them a couple of times. (Once I tented with them when they were still just preparing the house!)
They are now on the road to selling the house across the street. So close that there are no beds or air mattresses left to sleep on so they stay with us :) Which is just great. This time Sallie brought her sewing machine and after house work hours we quilted together on our fun. Of course, we verbally visit as we sew :)
I am so glad that God has brought us back together. There is nothing like old friends who remember you "when".....your kids were small, you were thin, you were broke, etc....
Tomorrow I'll tell you about Nena!.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering what you meant when you told me your neighbors were spending the night at your house.

You have the best stories! Keep them coming so we can learn from you!