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Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Blasts from the Pasts

This is Hubs Christmas Day of 1956. Guess what he got for Christmas? If you said double barrelled shot gun, hunting pants, vest and had you would be RIGHT.

He has a funny story about the stump his foot is on. He ordered a pack of assorted Fireworks for $14.95 (back when the US Mail carried such items). He opened 100 firecrackers and dumped all the powder into a bee bee casing, armed it with a firecracker fuse (way too short) and blew up the stump (and almost himself) into four pieces. Now he says, "I was probably the first terrorist".....all you stumps out there be very scared!
This is Fonzie and Lavern dancing at the Methodist Church. You know how permissive those Methodists are! Note Lavern had on crinolines and a cinch belt and the very popular rolled down socks. We are jitterbugging....a dance invented by the Jitteriest Generation.
We had reason to be jittery....I mean we practiced what to do in case of an atom bomb...every day at school. Now that I think about stupid was that? If an atom bomb struck I don't think being under my little desk at school would have been a big help.

Hit Counter Now that we are on that subject.....what makes you jittery????


Kimberly said...

Sitting in front of my computer all day! Or maybe that makes me drained and lifeless...Hearing people arguing makes me jittery.

Anonymous said...

What makes me jittery? Having to be around a lot of people makes me jittery, depending on the three W's: the when, the where, and the who. What bothers me are the three A's: anxiety, ADD, and annoyance.

Put me in a crowded museuem or bookstore or vacation destination with my family and I'm fine.

Put me in a crowded-children's-ministry-meeting-at-church-where-I-have-to-fill-out-a-detailed-form-and-hubby's-saying-do-you-have-Ed's-phone-number-and-I-have-to-look-up-Sandy's-address-because-they-want-references-for-goodness'-sake-and-I-really-want-to-talk-to-Donna-and-Joanne-but-I-can't-concentrate-and-people-are-asking-annoying-questions-and-both-of-the-new-pastors'-wives-are-kind-of-icy-and-intimidating-and-I-haven't-eaten-in-seven-hours-and-my-blood-sugar-is-really-low......

....well, that's the kind of thing that makes me jittery!

I love the scandalous picture of the two of you dancing at the Methodist church! Just what you can expect from those worldly Methodists ;-)

Anonymous said...

Remember last night, the little note I wrote: "I am going to write you a LONG email". My comment above pretty much sums it up!