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Friday, August 14, 2009

Hartscapades and Other BFTP's

I LOVE this picture of Sallie McCauley and I and our Aglow Hartscapades Booth. (Catch that big Heart Balloon tied to the booth....and those big red earrings on S & I and our almost matching hairdo's....LOL)

IF you have EXTREMELY good eyes you can read this Hartsville Messenger article about Women's Aglow and our Billboard outreach. For the record, we gave out free light bulbs with scripture verses about Jesus being the light of the world printed on the container AND free boxes of salt with a label with the scripture about Christians being Salt. How cool is that?
I am still amazed that we actually pulled off the billboard, the light bulbs and the salt...I mean we had about 12 people in our Aglow Chapter.... I give a shout out to Christine Gardner who was a huge help in all of the above.

I just have to throw in this picture of the Macauley's rafting. According to Sallie it was a harrowing ride and they all almost drowned but those rafting photographers know how to make it look like you are having the time of your life even if it is the end of your life.
I remember Sallie telling me how when they finally got back to there car the battery had died and they had to find a motel (which was crummy) to have it towed to because it was too late to have it fixed that day. I have still not gone rafting due to the above story even though it WAS on my "Bucket List".
Any rafting stories to share? Or what is on your Bucket List?

Hit Counter Just a warning I have 18 photo albums and 8 scrapbooks FULL of pictures of everyone I have ever known; enough last till I do kick the bucket :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so excited about more from all of your scrapbooks!!

Let's see where do I start for today?

Hartscapades! I may have walked right by your booth, all decked out in my dance costume, as our dance school always performed.

Hartsville AGLOW! I remember that billboard! Y'all were awesome. Does the group still exist?

Rafting? Been there, done it, love it! George and I have been rafting twice. I'll have to a write a whole post on my blog about all the exciting details. The age rule is 12, so we're going with Peter in two years for a super-special family trip!

I look forward to your blog every day!

The Real Aristocats said...

Omalley is in so much trouble---lol...