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Sunday, August 16, 2009

More OLD Friends :)

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The waitress at the Midnight Rooster was supposed to take our picture. But she took a video. I have never put a video here; I hope it works. The Beach Bums are a group of former Plainview Elementary Teachers who formed a bond when we worked there. We went off on weekends maybe once a year which cemented our friendship. We haven't made it to the beach yet this year but we did go last year. The picture looks like we are at the beach :)

The person on the left front is Lesa Polson. She is an Autism Supervisor for Horry County. She has a nice place at a campground where she lives Mon-Fri. Then she either comes home to her hubs who still works and lives in Patrick. The next weekend he goes there. Lesa is an awesome teacher; especially with autistic children. I taught both her children who are in their twenties. Darling Daughter is working on her Doctorate in Forensic Medicine and she never could test into my gifted class....go figure.

Behind Lesa is Marcia, the Brady Bunch. She teaches Kindergarten at "the View". She is also a TERRIFIC Teacher and a great crafter. She will go the tenth and eleventh mile for anyone. I taught her son who is a freshman in college this year. She isn't used to her empty nest yet.

I am the MamaSan (oldest) of the group. I was their PrinciPAL for 2 years. You couldn't wish for a more supportive, talented group. I left them at the beach praying while I drove to Chesterfield to interview for the job.

On the right front is Beth. That girl can do it all! She followed me into the Media Specialist job at the View. Unlike me she is techno savvy. She can actually fix other teacher's computers, and do anything else. The male principals have called her for help :) She has her Administration Degree now (Third Master's Degree) and I predict she will be the NEXT principal of Plainview and do an awesome job. Two girls in High School....she is the cheer leading coach.

Behind Beth is Sandy. Just retired in May. Math teacher extraordinaire. Mother of twins the age of my daughter. Has a NEW and GREAT Man in her life....and she never looked better :)

I thank the Lord for these girls. Such fun, such memories....such connections.


Anonymous said...

Is there no end to the number of people you know and are ACTIVELY in seeing/talking to/doing things with? You amaze me. Very good 8-second video of you and your friends!

Gabby said...

I really want that warm goat cheese salad. Oh my,it is so good!

Can't wait until the days I can hang out with friends all the time. Well, if that means my kids have to be in their 30's, I will wait.

But it sure seems fun to spend money on eating out and movies instead of FOOTBALL PADS AND CLEATS!