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Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Thoughts

Can you guess what my Sunday School lesson was about yesterday? If you can't you need to read the Bible....specifically Exodus.
These are my "Israelites" painting the doorposts of their homes with lamb's blood to protect them and their families from the Angel of Death who was coming at midnight to kill the first born male both human and animal in every family.

We turned out all the lights when the tent building and doorpost painting was finished and they sat in their tents as I read the scripture. Oh, they also ate some unleavened bread (aka Oysterettes); however we had no lamb pseudo or otherwise.
The lesson focused on how the Israelites were in bondage to the Egyptians and how easily we can get in bondage. The class easily identified some modern bondages: alcohol, video games, Mountain Dew, cutting, television, smoking, drugs...... they got the concept!
I hope each of you reading this has "painted" the blood of Jesus on the "doorpost" of your home and your heart. Satan still comes to steal, kill, and destroy us and our families. Without the blood of Jesus we are helpless to defend ourselves. No other blood will do. He alone is our lamb without spot or blemish who has already atoned for our sins....all we have to do is acknowledge we have sinned and we need a Savior.
I would love to hear from you if you have done that or if you haven't, why you haven't!

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Gabby said...

That is so weird, we are studying Moses and burying our sin in the sand instead of seeking God before we do the sinning... We also talked about the dryness of spirit that sin can cause in our life (just like Midian where Moses fled for 40 years) and how it can get in the way of our God-given purpose.
I like that kids and adults in church are learning about scripture! I should have brought in a sand box and let them dig up some stuff...
Who reads in Fort Mill???

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite lessons and I missed it! I got SO much out of it when we did it for VBS. Did the kids really come up with "cutting"? That seems so mature for fourth-graders. But I know it is a different world. Sometimes I'd like to be in a class with just adults----just women----ok, just women I'm close to---and have lessons like this!