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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top Ten Favorite Foods

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Since I am running low on post ideas I'll resort to Dave Letterman's trick of Top Tenning.

  1. Lasagna......I love it and it is THE ONE THING Hubs is not fond of. I like Stouffer's lasagna, fact I have never met a lasagna (or other food) I didn't like.
  2. Maryland crabs.....preferably eaten on a table on the back porch covered with newspaper and little hammers or mallets for whacking on hard to open claws. I really only like the claws but I like to be around others eating the rest of the crab while giving me their claws. (Well, that is what my Daddy did!) I like the crab meat dipped in a mix of vinegar and mustard. I have not had this gastronomic experience since 1978 or so. I have to substitute crab legs....which are good, too.
  3. Veal Parmigiana ....yummo! I grew up on veal chops but parmigiana is far superior. Our newest H'ville restaurant Louchi's has some excellent parmigiana.
  4. Old fashioned Waffles....made in my mom's ancient waffle maker....round....VERY DONE, crispy....I will not turn down a Belgian waffle either...I like pecans and syrup on top no need for whipped cream.
  5. Taylor's Ham aka Taylor's Pork Roll. This is a Yankee comes in a cloth casing in a tube shape like a small bologna you slice it and fry it (no oil ) its most like a pepperoni type meat and we grew up having it for breakfast. I cannot get it here in Hartsvegas and they want $24 to ship me a one pound unless hubs reads this and surprises me for my birthday (hint, hint) I will continue to go Taylor's Ham Less :(
  6. Scrapple.......another breakfast staple at my house. slice it, flour it, fry it (no grease) my terrific sister-in-law, Bubbette, fixed some for us last weekend. It did not disappoint!
  7. Grits, Bacon and fresh home grown tomatoes. My darling daughter and I can eat us some grits with these accouterments....ranks right up there with a BLT.
  8. Turkey.... I love turkey meat, well, white turkey meat...especially on a sandwich with Miracle whip and lettuce. I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving SUPPER so I can have one. I love turkey left overs....I am still turkeying it long after hubs has said, "No MORE Turkey for me."
  9. Macaroni and Cheese, again I love me some Stouffer's. I have a good recipe for Crock pot Mac and Cheese that I make without a crock calls for 8 oz of Velveeta. I also LOVE Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese (leave out at least half the noodles so it is really cheesey). I do not like dry macaroni and cheese with little or no cheese. Antioch Elementary school cooks, Margie and Jennie could put a hurtin' on some Mac and Cheese.
  10. desserts listed.... my fave would be a Coldstone Creamery Cake made with Coffee Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake. OR....Mud Pie....Chocolate crust, coffee ice cream, almonds on top.....easy peasy.

What are your favorite foods?


Gabby said...

Let's see... I love food in general, but my favorite food family is PASTA, except for my absence of a TAN (fair skin and freckled), I would think I might have some Italian roots.

I love shrimp, there is a place in Southport that makes them steamed with crab cakes and conch fritters, and we eat there THREE times in one week. I love it, and it is messy! My kids are amazed as I dive in, fingers, face, and all.

I also love chocolate (who doesn't), Godiva, it's what hubby gets me instead of flowers on Valentine's Day. He completes me.

I love my Daddy's cooking. He just puts so much love in it, and he can make shish ka bob sing with flavor! He makes a mean meatball, ask my SON who eats them before we get to the table!

I love my Granny's cooking for the same reason-- she puts some love in her cakes and her dressing (I love her dressing, forget the turkey, give me some mashed 'potaders').

Coffee flavored desserts.

Really good Chinese food (lettuce wraps, Kung Pao from PF Chang's)...

Okay, now I know why I can't lose 20 more pounds. I inherited a deep, abiding love for all things edible.
Is anybody else getting hungry?

Anonymous said...

Ok, you've got my mouth watering. What do I love?

*Filet Mignon, which I have approximately once per year
*Pizza Hut thin crust pepperoni pizza
*My mama's cornbread dressing, meat loaf, and mac & cheese
*Squash and zucchini cooked in any way, shape, or form. I'll have to invite you over for my special lasagna layered with squash and zukes!
*My MIL's cornbread fritters and sweet potato souffle
*My Aunt Shay's tater salad
*Anything my BF Sandy cooks, especially chicken bog, lasagna, and fried pork chops
*My own pork barbecue, tater salald, and cole slaw
*A restaurant salad! Always better when somebody else makes it!

I love me some sweets, too, but with my diabetes I'm way too sweet as it is. Have to watch those carbs too. Notice lots of carbs on my list!

Fun topic! I'll invite you over for lasagna one night and your hubs can just have salad if he doesn't like it!